• He's already exemplified the Peter Principle, he has no where to go...........
  • nah, obama is holding the white man
  • Everybody has seen the damage W's done to the country. I don't think anyone is daring enough to hire W, just to have their company damaged as well...
  • Who is W?
  • He's retraining for the New World Order, where black and white is being phased out and shades of gray are all the rage. It takes time, but he's already completed the first course: "knowing when you're not wanted".
  • He's licking his wounds .. or the salty rim of a marguerita. Probably both.
  • How do you know he's looking for work? I would think any president who is at the end of their term would take a little time off.
  • He's in his 60s. Probably decided to take it easy for 30 years.
  • He's best left alone.
  • I dont know about his employment situation, but its funny to me we are referring to him as just "W". the most famous people are refer to by just one name and this guy has got it down to just one letter! thats something special right there.
  • what would ever make you think he wants a job. he was rich before being pres. ran the best country in the world for 8 years. and just got out a month ago??? do you honestly think he wants to work??
  • Well, first of all, he's so rich he doesn't need to work in the first place. Second of all, he's already run the gauntlet of careerness to become president. Anything he does after that seems mediocre, so might as well not even work.
  • He's probably taking some vaca. But really, how many Presidents go to work after their tenure in office? They write their memoirs, and W doesn't strike me as the writing type. Maybe he'll fix baseball; probably something he'd be good at.
  • &lt;<<Comment feature not working, this is a response to Capitol J>>> Wow, tough words Cap. Where to begin, he ruined the way the world views America. Obama is slowly patching that back up. Bush lied his way into war on cherry picked intelligence. Remember the whole mushroom cloud thing? Congress voted on the intelligence he provided. If you can read, then follow the link Not only that, he mismanaged everything about the war, from how we'd be greeted, to how many troops it would take, to the cost and length of the war. And to top it off, he never caught Osama Bin Ladden. He completely f*cked up the Katrina response. His Rovian politics further divided the country. He led the country into the greatest economic disaster since the last Republican Great Depression. He has widened the gap between the rich and poor. Remember, Bush was "The Decider". Anything that happens on his watch, he is accountable for. And Jman, quit side busting. I've smacked you around enough already...
  • It's probably something to do with his C average in college, and the fact that he couldn't find oil in Texas.
  • Do ya think that just maybe he might want a break for a while? If a c average in college kept people out of work, there are an awful lot of ya'll out there that never would have seen the inside of a place of employment.
  • Being unemployed does not mean one is looking.
  • why would he need to work after plundering our nation for billions?
  • I don't know. Maybe he'll become a welfare queen.
  • He wants to be a UFC fighter....his resume looks pretty good considering all the blood on his hands. I can't believe that came out of my republican mouth!
  • Perhaps... anyway, in this slump, I think everyone has trouble finding work. These days, Godiva competes with Cadbury.
  • No. Seems to me like he's continuing the vacation he started eight years ago.
  • I'm guessing he has more earning power than you, and after all the hate and grief he was dealt I'd say he deserves an extended vacation.
  • and now i see why comment feature not allowed. how cute. spoken like a true coward.
  • He's holding out for the job as librarian at his presidential library. It's very low stress. He'll only have to keep track of the one book.
  • widened the gap between the rich and the poor. who cares? im by no means rich. and no where near poor. point is i do what i gotta do to live and dont rely on anyone to give me any handouts. i have a pretty descent job. to those who dont. sucks to be you. get an education, get off your a$$, sacrifice something. i dont feel bad for a single soul thats poor or doesnt have health care. and its not the governments job to had these things out to people or to restrict someones income.
  • not sure but i cant find work either

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