• As wide as you want to. there is no limit, but I would have atleast 1/2 inch just to make it really secure.
  • This would be a matter of how large you would like for your quilt's finished size to be. A wide solid color border can be uniquely impressive, like a picture frame.
  • Make it how wide it looks good, for balance, and how wide you want it. Some quilts look and feel best with narrow borders and some look best with something wider. How big is your quilt to begin with? Is it sort of whole cloth or blocks? What size blocks are they? Is there sashing between rows? All that is taken into consideration. In my photos, the first quilt has a combination border of three areas, all about 3 inches wide. The second has a very wide border that I think is 14 inches, but is fully quilted. You have to find what balances the center of the quilt.

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