• As a beginner you might want to find a shop that tunes up the type of cars you want to work on. Then, try to pick up an after school/weekend job there to see if this is what you really want to do. Then, ask around the shops, specifically the ones where mechanics are doing the type of work you might like to do. Ask them where they were trained and what areas you need to familiarize yourself with. A lot of people are willing to speak about things they like, so if you don't mind doing a little footwork and asking a few questions, you can get a foot in the door.
  • where would you go about finding a good car tuning shop or garage? asking around? walking around? looking em up on the web? in l.a i should say
  • In our local schools there is an outside program that teaches basic mechanics. I am not sure if you are a young student or a grown adult. Sometimes small time garages will teach folks how to tinker under the hood. The big time guys ... it is all about the cash. (Just my opinion anyway, I've been wrong before) Libraries lend out books on different cars and how to fix them. You can buy these books from parts stores sometimes also. Good luck!
  • To enter the auto repair field, read "how to" tech articles, enroll in a tech school, start as a tire changer or a lube tech and take advantage of training classes offered by your employer and OJT (on the job training). Study ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) preparation guides and take ASE tests, you will learn many things during this process. A "tune up" is not what it once was. When I first started in the automotive repair business in the early 1980's things were different. To perform a tune up you would replace spark plugs, replace and gap the points and set the dwell with a meter. Then adjust the timing with a light by turning the distributor, adjust the carburetor if needed. Now cars have electronic ignition systems instead of points, timing and fuel injectors are all controlled by the on-board computer. A minor tune up consists of replacing the spark plugs. If a car 1996 or newer has a misfire the computer will set a code and turn the check engine light on. Computer diagnostics plays large roll in repairing today's automobiles. With the evolution of the automobile, the job has evolved as well, from the "Grease Monkey" to "Auto Technician".

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