• Because that would be too obvious.
  • Cuz its just not that easy
  • 1) The economy has been more important in the first month. 2) I don't think his intentions were ever to bring "all" troops home but rather, pull troops out of Iraq and some would come home and others deploy to Afghanistan. I believe that I read someplace this weekend that one of the things he will be talking about on Tuesday is bringing troops home.
  • Wellll if you were smart enough to listen to the news...he IS going to pull the troops the most it will be 16 months before ALL of them are home. But it takes TIME to stop a war, you can just go and say "Hey....little fuckers! Stop this damn war before I bitch slap you!" bahahaha sorry
  • They haven't yet finished with the "show of power", nor finalized a satisfactory business arrangement for exporting the oil. The government will pull the troops out of Iraq, mainly to appease the public. Yet keep your eyes open. The troops will be going elsewhere. That is the nature of a "militaristic" country.
  • If you beileved Obamas theme of change with out a plan you are a fool is what I think.
  • Obama makes changes every day. He's only been in office 1 month, it's coming.
  • oh yeah just pull out all the troops and leave iraq and afghanistan in complete devastation, get real
  • A dose of reality: Change needs to come a little less quickly, especially when there are lives on the line.
  • He doesn't. That's just public relations firms nonsense that he's been told to say to avoid real issues. Honestly, the way some people carry on you'd think this wasn't obvious. :P
  • He did make a change he just sent 1700 more troops to Afghan. did you not know that. He is sending troops there like water flowing.
  • Even after 16 months, we will see at least a token force left in Iraq. Maybe 10-15,000 troops. I predict we will be there several years at the least. He will deploy more troops to Afghanistan. As he should. That is where we should have concentrated right along. Iraq was a colossal waste of time, money and lives. But we cannot leave it vulnerable now. That would be compounding the original stupidity.
  • you are right.i will pray to god one day Afghanistan get power and they send troops to america than USA people will understand justice n pain of other only a enjoyment of power only.very shameful.4
  • Ever planned a small trip with the family? How long does that take? Imagine you're planning a trip for thousands plus have to close down where they're at now. You have to provide meals, accommodations, and all the little things that make living possible.
  • I hope the proponents of Obama won't use this, but he can't because the unemployment figures would go off the chart and make his stimulus package look worse than it really is now!

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