• one is prettier than the other
  • My guess would be public school systems.
  • Oh geez. Great point.
  • Surely not? I can't believe that's correct.
  • Because Paris is in the spot light all the time, England isnt.
  • because 95% of society are IDIOTS!
  • That can't be true.
  • I think we are seeing a dumbing down of the people internationally. Paris Hilton in the US, Posh (or whoever) in England. It's a culture of celebrity.
  • All I can say is that I hope that this statistic isn't correct. I really hope.
  • Because sexuality is considerably more interesting than geography
  • I don't believe that Paris Stat. In fact, I'd bet not even 94% could even identify her. In America, we have a lot of states to keep up with. If we were surrounded by other countries, as you are in Europe, we'd memorize them. But since they are on the other side of the world, we don't pay much attention (even if we should).
  • You think that's bad check this out. So funny. BTW there is no way I belief most Americans are this dumb so please don't be offended. P.S. Where did your statistics come from?
  • Probably the same reason why most don't know much about Canada, a country that is right above them! They are not taught much besides their own geography and history in school and I think some of them are just ignorant to the rest of the world.
  • Don't you know....because we are FUCKI*G YANKEE IDIOTS!!!!1
  • because a map of england is never on the news, whereas paris...
  • Because a place on the map can't do naked sex tapes.
  • Why do 100% of fail filled retards believe b.s. statistics?
  • Priorities, Man!
  • who is Paris Hilton? :))))) 6%
  • The reasons are multiple. 1. The U.S. public education system has been off the mark for a long time, putting more emphasis on things other than the basics. Lack of parental involvement is another big factor. The dropout rates in some areas is astounding. 2. Pop culture. A high percentage of society has become more interested in movie stars, musicians, and other cultural icons than in real events and learning about the world around them. All too many youngsters can name all the cuts on 50 Cent's last CD but have no clue who Patrick Henry, Joseph Stalin, Julius Caesar or Winston Chuchhill were or anything about them. There are more reasons, but you get the idea. It's an overall deterioration in education and priorities. Even more amazing to me is the fact that people do not even know the issues or why they vote for a particular candidate. A perfect example is people being asked if they will vote for Obama, and after saying yes they were given all of McCains stances as if they were Obamas and asked if they supported this view. The said yes to every one, even though those were totally opposite of Obamas. Incredible.
  • I knew a guy who didn't believe me that England was on an island - he thought it was part of continental Europe. Anyway, I would suggest that the reason for this probably depends on a few things, but namely the standards that this country has for education in general - which are sadly quite low. Geography in particular is a very minor subject in most public schools (along with government, which should also tell you something). But EVERYBODY is indoctrinated by the media, be it through advertisement or some other method. I could talk about this all day...
  • Cowboy got it. Not only is pop culture so much more emphasised by the media than real world events, but it is more entertaining also.
  • Because people are stupid!
  • Great use of fake percentages to enrage the idiots on that will bitch and moan about the crappy educational system that, in actuality, isn't that crappy.
  • Paris France is a little to the right of England, I'm pretty sure.
  • thank our schools for that one

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