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  • Looking a little plump there hon. Need to cut back on the beer a little the mid section is showing. You're weighing more than me these days. Oh, what love handles.
  • Theres no nice way to say it really... Best just get it out there but also offer them emotional support, maybe exercise with them and stuff :)
  • Rather than telling him/her of the weight gain, why not begin to suggest you spend more more active free time together.......
  • Good luck with that ;) People are usually aware of any weight gain when they go to put their pants on.I' d just get your s/o to go for a daily walk.
  • Tell him you're concerned about his health since you're aware his blood pressure is creeping up and he's putting a bit of weight on. Suggest he tries to lose some and you'll help him with healthy diet choices etc., His blood pressure will probably fall when he drops some weight.
  • Tell them phrases like "Oh you have sweeten up", so they will be certain that u noticed their weight gaining, so they will try their best to lose it.
  • Buy them a treadmill for their birthday.
  • is your partner male or female? i know i've put on a bit of winter weight and my boyfriend comfronted me, by saying, "sweetie i've noticed you're not happy with yourself lately, and i hate to see you sad. why don't we both challenge ourselves and become healthier"...i got the point he was trying to make but instead of feeling hurt i was very happy that he cared enough to not only notice my change in attitude but he cared enough to help me. we did a 30 day weight loss challenge and excersized together every other day, although he didn't need to lose any weight, (he does mixed martial arts) With his support i lost 15 pounds in one month and feel great! Now that i've lost weight and am more health conscious, i have kept up with my new lifestyle and go to the gym 5 days a week, plus i jog every other day with my son in his stroller. A simple gesture can totally change someone's life for the better, i suggest this year be the year everyone try very hard to get healthy, find the right cookbooks, (diabetic ones are perfect), find an excersize regim that works for you and your schedule, and cut out as many "toxins" from your life, eg fast food, fried food, pop, candy... do what you can, remember we only have one body, one life to make the best of, why not start now. I am only 21 and am very determined to make the best of the life i have been given, i don't want to be falling apart like my parents in their 40's hope that helps lol AND I HIGLY SUGGEST EVERYOEN BUY THIS WONDERFUL LIFE CHANGING BOOK You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management by Mehmet C. Oz and Michael F. Roizen
  • Tell him you feel out of shape and would like to work out together.
  • my wife has no probs telling me
  • I see by your profile that you're a, I assume you are referring to a male s/o...maybe not, of course...whatever, no problem, this may work. Buy the s/o something really hot to his/her former size. Mention that you couldn't resist it, knowing how great he/she would look in it. Ask him/her to try it on. Perhaps that may motivate a pleasant, diplomatic discussion towards addressing the current situation and the desire to take corrective action.
  • You don't. You start putting time aside to work out and you will receive those benefits and he will receive a slimmer you. When he sees your confidence go up, he will want to raise his and he will start working out. (It worked with me and my wife--you see the results--and I am kinda old).
  • Aren't we looking radiant (term used when a woman is pregnant)
  • "I seriously need to lose/gain weight. But, i just don't know how!" And BAM! sucker-punch. :)
  • Why not ask him if he wants to go for a walk with you every morning or evening? that way you could do something together as a couple and once he start to slims down, tell him how attractive/hot he looks, it will make him want to lose more...:)
  • Say you like have a little cush'n for the push'n but to much cush'n and there will be no push'n
  • You should say, "Hey, we should BOTH start working out together..." and then poke him in the gut. He'll get the picture....
  • Point to his gut and ask him when the baby is due:)
  • If he really is your "signifigant other" then be honest and open about it..say something like - "It looks like those pants are shrinking there - maybe we should shop for you some new ones egh? That gets the message accross completely and is about as totally inoffensive as you can get.

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