• My daughter (she was 5 at the time) said it and I will never forget it We we in the mall and there was a transvesite and as we passed him she say Mister I like your shoes (mind you they were actually nice heels)
  • My mom had a great story about my older brothers. Saturdays were dress yourself and your kids up in their finest and make the rounds at the downtown department stores in the city back in the 1940s. Even if you weren't buyng, you had clothes and children to show off. She had both my brothers dressed up in identical sailor suits. The proud mom had one boy in each hand and was entering a store when she caught some woman saying, "Oh look at the adorable twins. What a shame about the one." My mother said she looked down at Joe and he was shuffling along like the poor man with gimpy legs they had just passed not minutes before. She said she stopped right there and swatted Joe hard to smarten him up. The lady who made the comment got quite huffy about treating a child with a disability like that. When what my mom was doing was punishing him for making fun of the guy.
  • Whenever I would watch a tv show with a big bosom woman..I would say...I would like to touch those. Well, my son, probably about 5 years old and I was in the grocery store one day when this woman came up with some very large boobs....My son says "My dad would like to touch your boobies"....I never turned so many shades of red in my life.
  • My son asked me if I had a weenie!! He was about 3. I told him no. Very concerned, he said, "Don't worry Mom, you'll get one."
  • On a cruise to Europe years ago, my son was seven. He came running into the room with his pants off and, terrified, said" Mommy! It's too bigger, it's too bigger!" There were other people in the room.
  • This was some kid on the bus, "Mister, why are you masturbating?" I have no idea why she said that. I was only looking out the window, lol.
  • Well it wasn't really embarassing but more funny. I was at my friends house one morning with a couple other friends for breakfast and two of their kids were playing (a boy and girl). Well I guess the little girl went to the bathroom with the door open or something because the little boy came running into the kitchen screaming "Mom, Mom! Girl's pee out of their butts!"
  • In a public restroom one time I hear a woman and her son come in and she kept telling him how he needed to pull his pants down and he was complaining that he didn't want to. And then when he was done, he runs out of the stall and his mom asks, "Did you go poop?" and he said, "I don't wanna go poop it scares me." And then I had to awkwardly talk to the mom while I washed my hands. Hm.
  • My oldest daughter was a little over 3, and a huge Madonna and Michael Jackson fan. We were in a restaurant one day when two African American women came walking by and my daughter said "Daddy, it's Michael Jackson, it's Michael Jackson" ... pointing at the ladies the whole time! I was never so embarrassed, but they were very nice ladies who stopped and talked to my daughter for a few moments and explained that they weren't M.J.!

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