• No1 They are illiegal and have not followed the rules of our land in coming to this country. We are bending over backwards it seems to make them comfortable and it is costing plenty.
  • Criminal behavior does not deserve amnesty.
  • No; I understand that there are poor economic conditions in their repsective countries and what not, but I don't see why they couldn't come over here LEGALLY like all of the other immigrants in this country.
  • They should not get amnesty. We shouldn't be in the business of rewarding illegal behavior. It will only encourage even more undocumented aliens to enter our country. When found, they should be deported. There is a legal process for gaining citizenship here. Respect our country and use it.
  • No. It sets a bad example for Americas future. Would other countries allow this, like Italy? I think not.
  • All the illegal immigrants need to be deported. If they want to immigrate to the US, they can do it legally. They should not get a pass on their illegal behavior. Go ahead, hippies. Start with the DRs
  • Absolutely not! If we "need" the services of immigrants, as so many politicians claim (and I don't for one minute believe) then the immigrant quotas should be increased, legal entry applied for, examined with care and "needed" immigrants permitted to enter legally. We need to know who they are, what they are, where they are going and where they'll stay while in this Country. Their ultimate intent and goal should be to become U.S. citizens, with a committment to this Country. We don't need transients who couldn't care less about our Country...but only seek what this Country can give to them. Immigrants should NEVER be allowed to fall dependent for their support from the hard-earned wages and salaries of others. Immigrants must carry their own load! Politicians, together with certain bad business owners, are the ones gaining from illegal immigrants. The average American taxpayer, and deserving Americans in REAL need through no fault of their own, are suffering greatly by the presence of the flood of illegals into this Country.
  • Absolutely not. We did that once in the Reagan administration. It was supposed to be a one-time thing. Instead, it resulted in compounding the illegal alien flow over the border x 10. It was a mistake in a multitude of ways and those of us who lived through it know that the country did NOT benefit, but was damaged excessively. Never ever again.
  • No, they need to do one of two things. 1. Do what is needed to become legal, or 2. Go back from whence they came
  • I will probably get shot down on my position. But that's okay. You know what, I'm divided on the matter, because a lot of immigrants from Mexico are just hard working people trying to earn a dollar to get a better life so they can feed their families. The United States are made of immigrants I know we're talking about illegal immigrants, but I think there should be a system developed where they can register in and out of the united states legally if the sole purpose is to work and feed their families in jobs that most legal citizens won’t work. They can pay a stipend of their wages for taxes but at the same time won't qualify under those entry terms for any benefits or SSI income, unless they become a full fledged USA citizen. It helps the farmer or whoever get their product to the market, put food on the table for the workers means more products that can be purchased at a better price. It will save lives and hardships from crossing over the border illegally and they won't get traumatized by hawks that bleed these people of there hard earned wages. When I have a problem on a situation, I always put myself or family members in there situation, then I usually come up with a more unbiased solution. Try looking at it that way some time. My Opinion Only..
  • I agree with everyone else on this, they need to come into this country LEGALLY. my best friend is from mexico and she did everything the right way. it is possible. and if you do it legally, i think it shows some desire that you really want to be here. good question!
  • Yes, if they are living productive lives, working, and raising their family. Many own their homes and pay taxes. The ones that should be removed are those with criminal histories and a blight on the country. I live on the border with Mexico. I hear and see the things those bent on crime. I see almost daily on the local news of the tons of illegal drugs that are caught by those who should not be allowed to stay here. Remove those who should be and help those making a good life and citizen to remain.

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