• I don't own one but my brother does and my mum got one for Christmas. Personally he loves his, because he's able to draw on it and underline stuff without marking any of it permanently. Plus it takes up less space then alot of books do and you can carry all those novels anywhere without being weighed down. However my mum is not huge on technology like my brother and she never uses hers. Firstly you can't download any book you want. There are only certian books that you can download (because its a new technology). So she was unable to download the book she wanted to. Second she's quite big on reading in the bath and she's not able to do that with the electronic book. Also, I'm not sure on this one but I doubt you'd be able to read it on a plane during take off and landing- you know how planes can be with electronics! I chose not to go for one because the only books I am reading at the moment are all for academia and I wouldn't be able to get any of the books I needed for my course on it.

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