• In a pub, the room only spins around when you're drunk.
  • In a disco the drunks ask you to dance.
  • pub means public union bar were peoples gather and order for their drink and have some fun.the age limit has been maintained while serving the drink that is minor & major limits. disco is the place which only the major pepoles ae allowed had their drink and also a dance should be there.
  • A pub is a "public house", which focuses on drink and, usually nowadays, food. It may occasionally have live music and will often have a juke box, but rarely have a dance floor. It will always be reasonably lit and the music should low enough to allow conversation, except near the band when they have live misc. A disco focusses on dancing, and serves drinks bur nut usually much food. The lights will generally be down, apart from strobe and effects lights. The music will be recorded, usually with a DJ, and loud enough that conversation is difficult except in quiet areas.

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