• Call Me Maybe
  • For regular calls, I use a regular phone ringtone. For family and friends, I use a "Laughing Baby" ringtone. Here is where I got mine - I chose the 4th one from the left. Check it out - and enjoy.
  • I try to pick ringtones that will make phones "stand out", so that the phone-owner KNOWS that it's their phone ringing. For example: my company phone has a ring-tone whose lyrics make me immediately aware that the company phone is ringing (and not some other phone). For friends who are not smart-phone-savvy, I like to assign songs whose lyrics sing their name prominently - so (again) they know it's THEIR phone that is ringing. *** But to answer the question: for MY phone, a classic desk phone ring. The same ring I remember from desktop rotary phones in the 60s and 70s.
  • The Simpsons theme

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