• Are you burning to mp3 or .wav file? Most car srereos, will now play both, but a stereo a little older may not play mp3. Hope that helps. You can always burn to .wav, but they are MUCH larger files and you can't get nearly as many tracks on cd as mp3.
  • Remaster it using a high quality blank disc.
  • Check the audio format that you are burning and the audio format the car accepts. Also, check the compatibility of the physical format of the disk, that is, some players won't except the newer 700 MB disks, only the original 640.
  • I noticed format was mentioned in other posts but did you check to see if your CD player can even use burned CDs? A friend of mine was having a similar problem... He could however use a burned CD-R but if he burned music to a CD-RW (ReWriteable), it would do the exact same thing... If you are sure it can read CD-Rs, then maybe you are using a rewriteable that won't be compatible... (that is, if it's not the audio format)
  • Some burnable cd s are slightly thicker then the store type. I was able to eject one with and old credit card from a multi player.

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