• I assume he is still alive, and his name is Thomas James Burris, and they were divorced at the time of her death,he was a real estate Developer.
  • She sure didn't eat him.
  • His name is Tom Burris and he is a real estate developer, maybe even a tycoon. He's remarried and has an eight-year-old son in addition to his son who was 18 years old when he married Karen. And, per a gag order enforced by the Carpenter family and their lawyers, he and his family are not allowed to talk to anyone about his marriage to Karen.
  • Just one point of interest . . . Karen Carpenter was not legally divorced from Burris at the time of her death. The divorce papers were, ironically, to be signed on February 4, 1983 -- the very day Karen died!
  • He is doin jail time in Mexico

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