• Wasn't Lyndon B. Johnson in an orphange...and later adopted. I remember reading he worked 4 jobs when he was in college.
  • Johnson that is all up to date. we will ahve to wait and see about the next one. obama was given everything by tax payers.
  • Harry Truman grew up in a farming family, and while they weren't wealthy they managed pretty well. Ronald Reagan grew up in small apartments, usually over a store. His parents were poor. Dwight Eisenhower's family was very poor, and he worked to help the family from an early age. He joined the military in order to get college paid for. Bill Clinton's family was also very poor. His father died before his birth and his mother was making her way through a nursing school. His stepfather was a drunk and a gambler. Richard Nixon's family lost their ranch in 1922 and had very hard times.

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