• December 2007. Starting destination: Kansas. Stop: Colorado It was a family trip. We left home the day before Christmas Eve. We arrived in Colorado on Christmas Eve. We spent Christmas Eve with family and then on Christmas day we all decided to continue our journey to our final stop Last Vegas. Being cramped in the back in the middle seat for more than 16 hours was crucial hell. Then being 16 at the time we could not do anything in Vegas! Coming back to Colorado on New Year's Eve we had to stay at a Ski Resort because the mountain was closed off due to an avalanche. It sucked and i will never go on a road trip again with family. Then we had to drive all the way back to Kansas.
  • About ten years ago, me and my ex husband, two boys and friends, went on a float trip on the Gasonade river, we also camped, It started out bad, it was cold and windy, we decide to go ahead and do it anyway, that was stupid, it was so windy we couldn't paddle down the river, we had to walk our boats back, the whole way, we get back, to the check out, and their is a huge crowd, which is strange, usually people clean their canoes and go back to their campground, their was a water patrol cop arguing with a group of bikers, he made a huge mistake, a woman was arguing with him, and she was holding ababy, he sprayed her with pepper spray, which went all over this baby, the campground broke out into a brawl, someone hit the water patrol on the head with a huge rock, split his head open, well that brung every cop, from ten counties around, they shut down all the roads, it started raining and raining, byt the time anyone could leave, it was 6 hours later. I still haven't been back.
  • Last summer. I went to live with my friend 800 miles away. For some reason we're not friends now.
  • I recently took a trip with my In-laws so they could visit an old LAPD partner of my father in law that was dying. Well, my FIN has been battling Alzheimers for a while now, but he hasn't gotten that bad yet, or so we thought. It was really sad to see. He didn't even recognize his friend. So you can imagine how that turned out.
  • Well I wouldn't go so far as saying I would of stayed home but a large group of my family went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico last summer & I stayed in the room with my two son's & pregnant daughter in law, they got into a huge screaming match which I had to break up & then the next day we all got burnt to a crisp.So rather than stay home I probably won't share a room again & will wear at least a little sunscreen versus banana boat dark tanning oil. We did get to see some locals(about five guys waiting for the bus)share the same roll on deodorant though!
  • i went to cuba this past november and we booked a walking tour of havana the day we got there for later on in the week, little did we know that a hurricane was going to hit our area that same day. it was no refunds, and the tour guides assured us it would only be "a little rain, for an hour or so" .. we literally sat in a cafe for 6 hours and still managed to get soaked running to the bus. .. it wasn't that bad that i would have rather stayed home, just shitty timing
  • a few bad things but nothing ever ruined the trip.if something bad happens on a trip and you survived,you are that much stronger as person.if you did not survive,GET OFF AB YOU DAMN ZOMBIE!
  • About 10 years ago, we had one trip that had one mishap after another. We had a huge blowout in the RV, tire exploded as we were going up this steep mountain pass. One of our dogs sprained his back leg, and then on the way home, we had another flat tire and the air conditioning had broken as well and there I was parked on the side of the road in a hot RV with two hairy Newfoundlands almost having heat stroke. I was pouring water over them trying to keep them cool. Keith had gone walking back to town for a new tire. Finally friends caught up with him and drove him, saved the day for the dogs, that's for sure.
  • Last year when we went to California, I ended up with the 'flu' ..and I mean the real deal. I had a 103' temp and felt like a truck had ran over me and was coughing so hard it felt like I was having a heart attack. The fight home was the most painful thing I have ever endured. You take conjestion and combine that with altitude and you get misery. I could not hear for almost 2 weeks and my ears and head hurt so bad it was one of those 'just get the gun and shoot me' kind-of experiences.
  • Every single trip I have ever taken that involved family.
  • I took my kids to the grocery store on Monday.
  • Everytime I go out I know I should have not went out. Do people ever work anymore, do kids ever go to school anymore. Places are always packed day and night both.
  • In 2005 we went to Sunny Isles Beach, Florida and never saw the sun one time. It was rainy and/or cloudy the entire 5 days. The hotel next to ours was under construction so there were shouts, jackhammers, tractors revving up the entire time as well. To top it off, my husband got poison ivy very badly with blisters all over his hands, stomach, and arms. That was the third disastrous trip we have taken in our 13 years of marriage. Our first one was our honeymoon in 1995 when we went to Disney World and hurricane Erin hit the second day we were in Florida. We spent the rest of our honeymoon trying to sightsee in pouring rain and hurricane force winds. And in between those two trips we took a car trip from our home in Oklahoma to Virginia Beach, VA. Despite having spent over $900 on car repairs to fix brakes and the air conditioner before we left, our car's engine overheated many times on the way there, the air conditioner quit working, and the whole thing finally just quit running on our way back home. We had to spend two nights in some strange town while our car was getting emergency repairs for another $600 we didn't have, before we could even get home to pick up our daughter from my mom's house. We just don't do well with vacations.
  • Last summer I went to Tenrife with my Mum. I was ill for the entire holiday, first with a cold, then a throat infection. I got hardly any sleep for the whole trip due to her snoring (which I could hear in a seperate room, with closed doors and ear plugs in). I got badly sunburnt on my bum. She kept talking REALLY LOUDLY about other people around the hotel, assuming they didn't speak english. The food was beyond awful. We got lost when we hired a car and went out for the day. Our flight home was delayed by 5 hours. My then boyfriend didnt get in touch the whole ten days I was away. Only good thing was that the rest of me got my first ever decent tan!
  • I forget the year, but it was my one and only attempt to see Pony Penning on Chincoteague Island. I had enjoyed summers on that island for years, but had never been there for pony penning. Now, I never want to go back. I trudged through knee high mud for 1/2 a mile to see the penning from a vast distance for about 30 seconds, just to trudge back and got food poisoning from the breakfast at the River House Inn in Snow Hill, MD. It put me off B&B's for years.

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