• In most cases this is true, unless someone really has no control over their environment. I do beleive we teach people how to treat us.;0)
  • Yes I believe that is probably true, rather like survival of the fittest. If you allow people to walk on you eventually you become a doormat
  • Often it is so. However, in the case of Anne Frank, or the Tates and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca and so many other innocent victims of maniacs, NO!
  • I don't think treating someone nice just to treat them nice will necessary make anyone treat you well in return. Not in the longterm. If it isn't genuine, it's bullshit. And, nothing ever good really comes from bullshit. People should just treat others genuinely and whether that means they treat them badly or not doesn't really matter. If they are treated genuinely then they have a real idea where they stand. They can see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong (and possibly be able to change whatever that is if they agree it really is something wrong). One of the greatest answers ever given on AB.
  • I think it is true for day to day things, like people's demeanor towards you or the respect they have, but we can't control other people's behavior, only hope to affect them. Then, there are the truly cruel and unfeeling, and it seems like they are increasing lately, people that are unfeeling or unresponsive to the feelings of others. It would be sad if they became the majority.
  • No. The rape victim may not particularly have allowed others to treat him/her badly. The lottery winner isn't particularly chosen based on niceness.
  • Yes, I think that's usually true. If we "demand" respect and to be treated fairly, we're probably more apt to get that.
  • I don't believe it's entirely true or entirely false.
  • Possibly, good question
  • I don't think it is entirely true . Some people treat us like sh** , no matter how good we are to them .I think it is their behavior ..or they don't deserve good people like us :)
  • i think its true

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