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  • try putting your mouth on it for starters........ no but for real just do it. i don't know what he likes you have to find out. he should let you know if he likes it
  • I would say any way you try it he will like it. But different men like it different ways some slow some like it fast. my hubby likes it slow and deep with my hands off it..your just have to do it and you will know how he likes it just by his actions..
  • DON'T use your teeth!!!
  • Think of it (penis) as an ice cream cone. Lick around the outside to catch the drips, then take it deep into your mouth and lick the end, while going up and down on it. Imagine what your pussy does to him and try to make your mouth do the same things. Some like it fast, some like lots of sucking, and some like a slow, deep methodical approach. If you haven't done it prior, he will enjoy anything you do, believe me !
  • Humming, moaning and breathing around the cock during a blowjob all feel very good. Use your hands, too, but not your teeth. Act hungry to make him cum and to swallow his load. Blowjobs are not times for you to be romantic. Be his slut. Slurp up his cum.
  • LOL.. first.. don't drag your teeth. Well, its pretty much true, anyway you do it, a guy will like it. The fact that you do it is enough. But, to be honest, what turns me on at least is: Don't be afraid of it. Explore with it.. Play with it in your hands, kiss all over it. Include his balls. Just like your anatomy, deep inside you gives you one feeling and then on the outside another... Well, deep throating him is different then just sucking on the tip. Change it up. Kiss around his stomach and legs, kinda teasing him. Moral of the story, don't be afraid to play with it and try new things. You will learn... and see what he likes the best.
  • Well, the best way is to kida jerk him off in the process of sucking on his dick. he WILL CUM!!! Trust!
  • Well you gotta kinda jerk him off while sucking his dick. Do it all at the same time. If you are planning on doing it more than once, do it differently each time so when you do it another time he will be surprised.

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