• How cold are we talking? The temperature makes a difference in how much heat the pump can absorb and distribute in the house, obviously. However, it was in the 20's (F) here last night, and mine didn't run all the time.
  • You should have an energy audit of your home. Heat pumps are much more efficient in mild temperatures than they are in cold temperatures, as they work by extracting heat from the air. (It is basically an air conditioner operating in reverse.) If it is cold outside, and your home isn't very well insulated, it is absolutely possible for the heat pump to run for extended periods of time to keep up with the heating load. Depending on your climate, it is possible that you should seek an alternative method of heating. One way you can optimize the efficiency of your heat pump is to ensure that the heating/cooling fins are clean and unobstructed, and keep your filters clean.
  • Below 40 degrees F heat pumps suck (lots of electricity). Personally I think they suck overall regarding comfort.
  • I live in an igloo

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