• I would make him something to eat.
  • Make him a meal.
  • Probably feed him or give him some money.
  • Give him something to eat. I never have any money and at least that way I know that he didn't go buy drugs or something. What would you do? : )
  • I would be suspicious, of course. I think I might look around and see if I can spot anyone who might have sent him here, who is banking on the hospitaity of strangers to kids. I would probably tell him to stay on the porch, close the door, maybe lock it momentarily, and grab something inside for him to eat. You don't want to think you are just giving a kid money to buy food when, chances are, he is not the one who sent the boy, who is going to get and use the money you give him. And yes, this is the ideal scenario. I doubt I could think of all of this, much less actually act on it!

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