• Maybe say that you are trying to work out some personal issues right now and need your space. Don't make it personal, like you are not wanting to around her, specifically, but you need to back off. Maybe you could introduce her to others that might befriend her.
  • I think that any way you say it will imply that you really don't want her friendship. So instead of beating arund the bush tell her flat-out like you did here. If you'd consider her as a long-term friend, then just telling her that she's a little clingy should suffice and she'll get the idea and back off a bit.
  • Do you really not like her, or do you just need some space?
  • Ask her for something she doesn't want to give you. Money, a difficult favor, etc. Be more of leach than she is. She'll give you space so you have time to make new friends.
  • Just avoid contact, dont make youself available anymore.. she'll get the hint

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