• Wendy's
      I like what I've tried from Wendy's. Try their biscuits and gravy. Very inexpensive. Also: their breakfast potatoes are quite good.
  • I think Mc Donalds is, I just dont like the taste of any of their breakfast items
  • One is about as bad as another. All of them are trying to kill their customer base with Fat.
  • Most fast food breakfasts are pretty bad, though I do like some of the things that Sonic makes.
  • It would have to be a I admit I have never eaten one of these atrocious frankenstienian monstrosities but just the thought alone of egg, cheese, sausage and whatever else in between two pieces of spongy pancake/waffle infused artificial flavoring seems like one of the most disgusting and unnatural things one can put into his/her body. Fast food alone is deplorable but this combo makes me nauseated just thinking about it, much less smelling it ...which is about as close to eating one as I will ever get. About the only thing worse than this that I could think of is Scrapple...again I have never eaten it but I have seen it in the grocery stores and the name alone is pretty telling...scrapple sounds to me like scraps...scraps of what I have no idea but from the look of it I think they took some horses, pigs, cows or whatever else and put the into a giant grinder whole and then put the meat chunks into a mold and poured gelatin or horse mucilage or something on it to keep it in a form....bllleeechhh. I thought hotdogs, spam and lunchmeats were gross but this stuff is the evil cousin to them all!
      Agreed. Syrup has NO business being ANYwhere near sausage.
  • anything from Denny's
  • Mcdonalds or Dennys.
  • i think theyre all good
  • Sugar-laden cereals

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