• Because gender roles allow men to keep the majority of the power. As Margaret Mead said, "Men have always been afraid that women could get along without them."
  • Human nature is to seek stability. Differences scare people, and gender roles are just another way to maintain stability. Some people look at the idea of women assuming different roles in society, and they see a threat to themselve's, they see, on some level, a great insecurity, they see a world that is strange and alien to them, they see a world where their wives don't have to put up with them and wait on them hand and foot, they see a world where they become obsolete, and it scares them. There are certain things in this world that people are just so used to that they can't accept anything else, certain percieved threats that some people just can't deal with, and that's going to have to change eventualy.
  • The way I see it we need gender roles to function. There are plenty of things that women can do that a man cannot and vice versa, we should compliment each other with our strengths. Trying to homogenize gender roles only weakens our innate abilities and uniqueness as men and women.
  • Change is always a little scary to some people . A large part of Society would like to see things remain the same. Although women have titular equality the pigeon hole syndrome makes sure that they are kept in their place. Not in the same wauy as before the equality laws but by refusing to allow women into particular positions of strength. Maybe they are afraid at how well we will do the jobs that have always been deemed mens
  • If I have children, I'll teach the boys to sit down when they go to the bathroom and the girls to stand up! LOL FIGHT THE POWER!!!
  • i think everyone wants to make a change in one way or another.everyone[believe it or not] is trying to fill the voids in their life but society says no.some are good reasons and some are bad,meaning,not a valid answer.if people could be the person they really are inside[as long as it doesnt hurt noone] the world would be a much better place in stead of your a girl,you dont play football!, or your a boy and boys dont like frilly dresses. this thinking actually stops us from being a more productive person because now we ALL have other issues to deal with that are deep rooted, other then what's happening now. in one way or another, this old fashioned thinking hurts us. and it usually comes from narrow or closed minded people.i dont know if this answered your question i hope it did.
  • Gender roles are just another socially constructed label that people use in lieu of actually getting to know another person, or themselves.
  • Because the number one thing that stupid people do is to classify everything into black and white categories. That way they can have knee-jerk reactions instead of having to think the situation through, which is a lot of extra work.
  • FOr the same reason you are digging to find out why we are! It is our nature to want things clarified and categorized :D How the hell are you, darlin'? I haven't seen you in ages!!!
  • Because men and women are different. And I see nothing wrong with that.
  • cause they learned how to be that way from other people
  • We are humans it is what we do. Lol.
  • The more adamant about gender roles the less secure, the less mature. I don't see the impulse as wrong, rather indicative of how grounded people, society with the natural variables that don't fit into a "norm".

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