• Sex is slightly more pleasurable for uncircumcised men but the difference is negligible. It's all a matter of the number of nerves and nerve sensitivity.
  • That is a hard question to answer the true answer would have to come from a dude that has ussed his unit both ways uncircumcised then got a circumcison then used it again. Speaking as a uncircumcised dude i like my unit it functions and is a lady pleaser. curtdude uncut dude
  • We know for sure that the foreskin and sexual organs in general are loaded with nerve connections. Those located in the foreskin are lost when they are cut and removed, that is undeniable. I used to think that circumcision was a loss for men only, now I believe that circumsion diminishes intercourse for both partners. We do know it changes the way sexual intercourse happens, circ removes the gliding action of the foreskin along with it's many nerves and ridged bands .
  • Yes, it's long been proven that there is a significant difference in the sensitivity of those who are uncircumcised as opposed to those who have been circumcised. In fact, circumcision removes the most sensitive part of the penis and this is one reason why it is a barbaric and unecessary practice. It's not just a slight loss but a huge one. A conclusive study that you may want to look up was published in the British Journal of Urology (BJU) International in April 2007.
  • Uncircumsised men feel far more and I can speak to that as I was circumsised late in life!
  • The best way to find out is probably to ask men who were circumcised after their first sexual activity, and even then there is the issue of - well, if they really wanted a circumcision, would they subconsciously be thinking the sex was better afterward regardless of actual physical sensation? Likewise, if they had worries about it, would reports of lessened sensation have something to do with that worry, as well? From what I know there are men who report very little change from the circumcision, men who report having less sensation, men who basically say "It was a huge mistake"; Colt COAT's answer above is the first I have ever heard of a man saying sensation increased [EDIT: ... I am an idiot], but of course there are probably more stories like that too. What I think? I think it intrinsically makes sense to say that a typical case of circumcision will decrease sensation - it is removing sensitive nerve endings and leaving behind scar tissue.
  • It would appear that females also feel more during intercourse when their partner is intact. ..."A New Zealand study found that reduced female arousal and fewer female orgasms may be linked to women having sex with circumcised male partners. Women reported they were about twice as likely to experience orgasm if their male partner had a foreskin."
  • the only one that can really answer the question are dudes that have used thier tools uncicumcised then got cut and used it after the circumcision other than that the cut dudes are going to say thiers is better and us uncut dudes thing ours are better curtdude
  • I have had sex both ways. The penis is far more sensitive intact than cut... Of course. It should be a no-brainer that cutting up the penis would reduce its sensitivity, but there are alot of people who try to hide the truth. The medical industry uses neonatal foreskin tissue in alot of products and want to keep the babies getting cut for economic reasons. Religious zealots want to keep their tradition going strong, and cut men don't want to admit that there is anything wrong with their organ. Lies and damned lies. Here's the scoop: the penis is more sensitive to fine, light touch, changes in temperature and stuff of that nature. During intercourse, the intact penis can feel the muscles, folds and bumps of the vagina in much more detail than cut, which just feels warmth, wetness and pressure. Orgasms are much stronger, pulsing through the body in waves, and leave you with a "high" afterwards. Intercourse has a more silky, gliding feelings. Sometimes you can even feel your foreskin sliding up and down over the head at the same time your penis is sliding back and forth inside the vagina... a very nice feeling indeed! There is so much missing from the experience with a cut penis that it is really quite sad.

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