• When he will drop going out with his mats and would rather spend time with you.
  • I think that depends on the individual. The signs are different.
  • Well, you ahve to know the guy to know the signs. Men are all different, some guys will choke up, some guys will start pulling stupid attention getting stunts around you, and some guys will just make it clear and plain. But it really depends on the man.
  • When he wants to talk to you all the time and do things with you. Another sign might be when you get together and his eyes light up and he flashes you a great smile. At least that's what my wife said on how she could tell I liked her.
  • When he calls you just as you were thinking of calling him.
  • When I suddenly feel strangely uncomfortable talking to him.
  • When he asks to do a lot of things and if you're available.
  • If your a women that is reasonably good looking Ive fallen for you. If you want to test me to see if its a deep fall the best way is to do something disgusting - vomit - piss or shit your pants then see if I am willing to take care of you and then still call you or what have you.
  • If he digs through your dirty laundry and steals your panties, then you'll know. Oh come on, have a sense of humor!
  • Eyes are the window to the soul, so once you look into his eyes and he's smiling at you with them or looking very deeply into your's as if he's seeing you for the first time, it's a sure sign that he's fallen for you.
  • Look for the male signs of the mating ritual. They carefully clean the beer cans and other litter from their cars and if they are truly smitten will even wax it!
  • His Actions and the way he present's you to his parent's,friends,sister's and brother's and the way he treats you when your together
  • he'll defend you when someone speaks of you badly, he'd rather spend time with you than his friends, he'll drop everything and come to your aid when somethings wrong,... etc. Everyone is different, but in a way the signs are all the same. The most plain out obvious way to know, he'll tell you he loves you... and when you look into his eyes you'll know. :)
  • He'll do anything for you to be happy. When he's sacrificing himself, his own money for you, puts you first before him and others, showering you with gifts, helping you, supporting you, taking care of you, and never leaves your side, thats a big give away that he truly cares and loves you. Its a sure sign he has fallen in love. That is true love, actually. :) Thats what I've been experiencing with a man I met almost 3 years ago. He's an amazing guy and I hope we'll stay together for a long time.
  • repeated physical following contact by letter or other means of communication observing your actions closely for an extended period of time contacting family members, friends, or associates
  • If he starts to act strange around me, that is usually a dead giveaway. I knew a guy from work who used to talk to me and joke around with me. Well one night I ran into him at a nightclub and I was all dressed up and looked really good, not like when I'm in my work clothes. He was totally checking me out. Since that night when he sees me at work he never talks to me anymore and looks uncomfortable around me.
  • a fox fell for me one time my life was never the same again...
  • He proposes marriage.

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