• ADULTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Abortion Drinking alcohol Smoking Homosexual acts(this is an opinion, which I am entitled to)
  • Having children without a licence. (The licence would require a simple test to be passed to assure the issuers of their competence to raise a child)
  • Letting military families become impoverished while a parent is on active duty.
  • Smoking in any public place indoors or out. I don't want your filthy smoke ruining my health.
  • Smoking. Virtually every single person I am related to (that is of age) smokes. I practically LIVE outside during family reunions. I try to keep the kids outside too. It's at times like that that I really appreciate frisbee lol. They can die of lung cancer if they want, that's there decision, but they need to give their kids a chance, at least. If we make it illegal now, they might just get that chance. But it's never going to happen. Too many people would continue to do it, illegal or not.
  • Ignorance and Prejudice.
  • We already can't do things, so we don't need to restricted anymore than we are. But I'd go with wasting military lives.
  • The consumption of the drug alcohol, because if one looks at the facts, it is far more damaging than many other illegal drugs.
  • Its really dissapointing that people have taken issue with the comments on alcohol and not homosexuality.
  • Nothing should be against the law that is currently and explicitly legal. However, plenty of things that are illegal shouldn't be. We need more freedom in this world, not less. We really CAN be trusted to look after ourselves in the way we see fit.
  • 1. People talking in picture shows 2. People smoking in bed 3. People voting Republican
  • Commercials being louder then tv program your watching.No one should be able to raise the volume of your television without your permission. Vitamin and supplement company;s being allowed to merchandise their products saying they work without the approval of the FDA.This one is like a license to steal from people some of which are in chronic pain.It's bad enough that approved FDA drugs sometimes don't work.

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