• micheal vick. dog fighting... fucking dumbass..
  • Darryl Strawberry comes to mind from MLB using cocaine.
  • Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, failed drug test.
  • Mike Tyson, never really seemed to recover after his shady looking loss to Buster Douglas, then another nail in his coffin when he was convicted of rape
  • Mike Tyson (rape, and went to prison) Michael Vick (dog fighting, and went to prison)
  • Chris Benoit from WWF, he killed himself and his family. Mike Tyson is another guy, who married a gold digger, went through a bitter divorce and got bankrupt.
  • Chris Washburn, he played basket ball for NC State. He got a three year $5,000,000.00 contract and got fired by his second year for not going to practice, not following team rules, and oh yeah snorting too much coke. He had so much talent and he just pissed it away.
  • Maurice Clarett at Ohio State. He may not have been college material to begin with. In the course of events he had several choices between keeping his mind and ways in the old 'hood or moving forward toward a successful future. He chose the 'hood. He is still in prison.

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