• My best friend is a bag of hispanic beauty! They like them some Jobro, ya kno? And their moms cook good food.
  • I actually answered this about 5 minutes ago. But I will do it again. I am sooo attracted to Latina women!!!!
  • Hard working people!
  • They are mostly good people like anyone else. Often hard working and work at jobs you cannot get a gringo to do anymore. Where I live the population is 80% Mexican, often when I step out my door in the morning the first people I speak with are Mexican and the language I speak is Spanish.
    • dickw60
      I agree. I work with and bus Mexicans and have for most of my life. I have spent much time in Jalisco State in Mexico. I have dated and loved Mexicans and have come close to marrying a sweet woman. I live 10 miles from Mexico.
    • dickw60
      When did you come up with the name "Thinker" That was my name on the Old Answerbag.
    • Subject 89P13
      So you're the guy who asked all the AB4Adult questions, dickw60?
  • I don't think I have ever met a Mexican, but most of the people where I live are Spanish. I find them to be much the same as any other set of people - mostly good, some not so good and a couple not good at all.
  • Nice people, at least most I've known, just like any other nationality or ethnicity.
  • Holy cow, some of the ladies are SMOKIN'! Even my wife knows about my old girlfriend and how I feel about her! Here she fact, here are two of them: (Tell me they're not hotties! I double-dog dare you to look me straight in the face and tell me that!) <EDIT> By the way, one of my Compadres (my kids' god mother, to be exact), is Mexican descent. . .
  • I have had many nationalities work for me,grew up with me,had good friendships with..etc Heck,I am German/Irish, does this make me something different?(Yeah,maybe in the drinking category:( ) Last I checked,ALL the humans I know,and animals too, bleed,cry in one way or another,breed,sleep..etc.that makes the equals where I come from(deep in my own psyche..hehe)
  • que nosotros las latinas tenemos esa candela y mas sabor!!!!
  • 1-22-2017 When you are in America you wonder why Mexicans live the way they do. When you are in Mexico you wonder why Americans live the way they do.
  • They are hard working people who get the job done, regardless of the circumstances.
  • They're people like everyone else.
  • They are humans there is no race.
  • Which one?
  • You'll have to get a little bit more specific than that. I can't form an opinion until I meet the person.
  • I know what a Mexican is, and there is a lot of variety, more than you find among Americans. The other two words don't have clear meanings. Americans say "latino" to mean everything from Texas to Columbia plus parts of Spain and Portugal. "Hispanic" is not even that clear.

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