• It all depends on the severity of the stroke.
  • Yes. The ones that are permanent will be permanent forever;)
  • Not always. Some people recover almost completely. My Father had a very severe stroke a blood clot the size of an Orange in his brain . For eight months he was away with the fairies.He thought I was a little Chinese boy but his cognisance returned .His paralysis could not get better but his mind did. My Great Aunt was in her late eighties and had a stroke, she was given very good physio and at 94 she still lives alone and looks after herself . So some people can get well again.
  • It depends on how severe the stroke is. My stepdad had a mild stroke about 13-14 years ago, and he completely recovered. My s/o's grandparents had strokes so severe they never spoke again and had lived their last days in a nursing home.
  • It depends on the severity of the stroke.
  • The sooner a stroke is treated, the better the chances of recovery. There are 3 simple tests for stroke - see On another tack, at one time it was believed the brain structure was permanent. Now we know the brain can rewire itself recover functions that have been lost.
  • Depends on the severity of the stroke :)
  • it takes a while for the brain to rewire itself....and like most injuries, it may not heal all the way.
  • My son, age 45, had a stroke a year and a half ago. He went from being a very fit man to completely paralyzed on his left side, and unable to speak or write, and suffered severe memory loss. Now, he has recovered the ability to speak, he is recovering most of the movement on his left side, and his memory is slowly, but surely returning. The doctors were amazed at how quickly he began to walk. He lives in Sweden, so I haven't seen him for about 15 years, but his companion has really helped him through this.
  • I have seen many come back 100% or close. Depending on physical condition and after care filled with positive patience!
  • My Dad had a stroke last April. Couldn't talk, eat, drink, no left side movement at all. Little by little things are comming back. He talks, eats, drinks and get this he now walks!!! I moved in w/him and quit my job. To get him rehabbed. Otherwise he would be in a nursing home. Where he would have just rotted away. If you end up working w/them ... Know this, they can get better if they have a possitive attitude and are willing to work at it. If they don't have these things they won't get better. If they do have these things WORK WITH THEM, don't let them rot away. Make them do things. There is so much hope.

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