• I LOVE this show! I would like to see how they make Snickers, floam, and Wrigleys chewing gum! Awesome question!
  • condoms, rubix cubes, and those hollow chocolate things with candy inside
  • How condoms are made.
  • hubby loves that show and I often watch with him, I think I would like to see how tooth brush's,hair brush's, Q-Tips are made.It does amaze me how the things I have see to this date are made.
  • It's today's version of an early TV show called Industry on Parade -- a show which I used to religiously watch. I love to know how things are made. Humm, 3 items... Optical mice, CFL light bulbs and heat pumps.
  • My boyfriend loves that show, but i hate it n.n I would say: 1) Lipstick 2) Chewing Gum 3) Mustard
  • those pink erasers, guitar strings, and cereal good question :)
  • Cheetos. I know all the rest.
  • saxophone, car brakes, and keychains.
  • Pretty interesting show though as a person who has done a lot of factory work back in the day I have to say they often show how things are made in smaller factories and not the big streamlined automated versions a lot of the time...not that that is a bad thing. ok 3 things hmmmmm How do they make (and transport) those giant mirrors hundred of feet across for space telescopes. How do they make Cellulosic Ethanol. Apparently it's very hard to manufacture with corn or potatoes. How nanomaterials are made and manufactured
  • I saw this made on a TV show maybe 20 years ago but found it fascinating. I'd love to see lightbulbs, both newer ones and older regular bulbs, made. Something else I find fascinating is pianos. I've seen grand pianos made but not an upright. And because I love books, I'd say I'd love to see how they make different types of paper for print media.
  • Things that aren't so boring and common. Something interesting like bikes, computer monitors,etc.
  • 1.) Coconuts. How do they get the milk in there? 2.) Catsoup. Why is it not just for cats anymore? 3.) Clothes dryers. Where the hell do all those socks go and who is responsible?

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