• Yes, I had lots of tickets in my teens & early to mid twenty's & have had none since. I live on cruise and my good insurance rates show it.
  • Yes. Both tickets and seeing the horror of senseless "accidents" produced by scofflaws has seasoned me.
  • more. i used to drive faster when i was younger
  • Theres several reasons for driving slower, or sanely, all of which I agree with, that are posted here. Also, since I drive so much per gas mileage is really important to me. I keep my Bright Red Double Hoopty at 55mph and get 38mpg!
  • I obey it more now...use to be a speed demon when I was younger.
  • More as I get older. after having my daughter, I see the need to slow down in a way I never seen before. ESPECIALLY near schools and parks.
  • I was very reckless in my youth. I am much more conservative now in my driving. I have a family and bills to worry about. I could hardly believe it a year ago when we went on a trip to see a concert (me, girl, and three kids). I found myself driving five to ten under the speed limit. Three years earlier I was driving the same road except alone in my sports car. I was doing 110 on cruise control. Really pointed out the difference in how I handle a vehicle, maybe life, having people I care about in the vehicle. Having them at all, maybe.
  • I think I am more aware of the speed at which I'm going... does it cause me to speed less? Not so much.
  • No; I still speed all the time, what has changed is the amount of excess speed instead of being maxed out I keep it down to 10 or so kph over the limit.
  • I've always been on to abide the speed limit. If you're in such a hurry maybe you should leave a little earlier.
  • The same really. I don't speed in general but sometimes you have to if you want to make up time after being held-up.
  • Of course.The older u get , the wiser u r :) Still we go above the speed limit but not like before :)
  • My driving speed hasn't changed. Maybe I'll be a wild senior citizen flying around town :-)
  • It must just be bad luck but I went 35 years without a speeding ticket and have received two of them in the past 18 months.
  • I've reached a point where ,when i see a police car, I look at the speedometer and realize that I'm going 2 mph under the limit.
  • Haha. Less. I look at the speedometer less because I know roughly what speed I'm going and where the cops are.... which makes me speed more.
  • Certainly less that when I was first driving. I've come to realize that I don't have to pay voluntary taxes (aka traffic tickets).
  • less!!! i just get wiser to cameras and filth on patrol
  • More. You realize, "What's the rush?"

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