• Anger takes a toll when a certain attitude is expressed in how an individual uses their words. If an instigator fuels debate for self worth, not only are they blinded, they get mad when someone else doesn't agree- they refuse to see, hear or acknowledge others' opinions and experiences. If there is a personal attack, then the best remedy is to trust that faith will intervene to turn a negative into a postive. I hope this makes some sense.
    • Boola Boo
      When someone has proven themselves to be an enemy, at the very least, a persons S/O should trust THEIR experiences. His enemy is my enemy way of looking at things. If someone did something awful to me I would expect my S/O to be upset with the person, just as I am. It's called loyalty.
  • I had a smartalec boss that was like that - He went to the doctor and he gave him blood presure medicine and he calmed down a whole lot
  • i think they let things slide til lthey cant take it anymore and it all comes out.
  • That's such a generalization, but, push the right buttons & most people will get mad at you. :)
  • I think that is a generalization in my experience. Some people are very stressed, in a hurry, rude, and have rage issues and anger management issues. But I would not say the majority of people act this way. Those that do, need some kind of help...profesional or serious self help if they get mad very quickly and easily.
  • In my experience with people who get mad fast they usually have some negative issues with themselves and do not like to hear anything that goes against the way they feel about something. Even when they are wrong they seem to get mad fast and defensive just because you told them about it. From my experience they are pretty selfish, always on the defensive and are not concerned with the feelings of others especially during those angry moments.
  • Some people have a short fuse and some others have a longer fuse. I just don't really care too much about anything, thus my long fuse.
  • Takes two to tango! Let me explain... Henry got mad because he was so tied up in him self, he did not catch the real drift of what was being said. So he let off steam. Mary got mad because she too was not actively listening. Instead of steam, she gave a cold shoulder. Jack lost patience with putting up with his situation so he too found an outlet by not confronting people. Being Mad, whether expressing it openly or privately, is an outlet of negative feelings. All feelings gotta come out or they fester. Some are more socially tactful at this. It's a skill. The recipient needs to be skillful enough to let the stinging words be like water off a ducks back and then respond... tenderly..."take a moment, and tell me what's really troubling you?" Pausing, speaking softly, kindly, all help to diffuse the "hot toddy." It's a skill set. Practice makes perfect in any thing we do. There are always two parties to the blow up... the blow upper, and the one who gets the blast. It's the latter who has as much to learn the art full skill of defusing as well as the blow upper. Takes two to tango! All hell breaks loose if U don't. Meaning... Ever see pus fester if it don't come out? It's a trick learning to prick the boil as painless as possible.
  • Some do not understand you are supposed to anger slowly and forgive quickly.
  • lack of escape routes..
  • Usually stress in their lives. More people are stressed today it is just the times we live in. People need to learn to slow down again and smell the roses.
  • Sometimes they've been building up to it all day and it just happens to unload on you but not all people are that way.
  • I have never been one to get upset easily my entire life. However lately, I am so tired of being jerked around. Too much for too long.
  • They take the train.

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