• The greed of all involved: insurance companies, hospitals and doctors is the problem with the healthcare crisis today. Oddly, you don't see the government bailing out the working class on that
  • HIPPA is very important to protect and safeguard your medical history and information. However, the steps necessary to protect these safeguards has resulted in additional red tape and costs. We only hope that the technology and networking between medical providers gets better so that one sign off anywhere will be effective for whichever parts of your medical record and information you what to share or not to share. This would save hours of time and expenses. We know that medical providers and their staff will only abide by government regulations. If HIPPA were not in force, your records would be up for grabs with some providers, particulary if they would be worth money to someone (and they are worth money to lots of firms/people).
  • it depends but people do have a right to privacy
  • The government is the problem. I'm not sure why people can't see that and instead want to go to the single payer system. If they want to know how it'll work in the US, just look at the VA and not how totally inefficient it is.

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