• Yes, but i got my cat from the pound and they all come like that ;0)
  • I might bring a male cat, but I'd never bring a female as I think there are things that can go wrong and I don't want them to be in too much of a rush. But it would also depend on the quality of the staff and what their stats were. I've had some of our cats done during special rate clinics and I have to say that sometimes, the male cats aren't done as well as I'd have liked them to be. I've had no complaints against the females done that way, though. Maybe it's just my perceived ideas, I don't now.
  • Yes, if that is what my budget could afford.
  • sure would even though i have a dog. the people in the mobile clinic are vets and license doctors.
  • Sure. Unless you knew that the conditions weren't sterile, it would only make sense.
  • We have low priced stationary clinics so I don't have to make that decision. However a magnetic sign for the SUV saying "Mobile Gyno..., naw, that'd be too bad?
  • Hell I'd take my neighbors cats.
  • I'm not sure.I took both of mine,a male and a female,to the same vet.When I went to pick one up after she was spayed,I walked in swinging her (empty)carrier up in the air while saying,"Weeee!"The look on their face was hilarious!I was just happy to be picking my kitty up!lol
  • I took mine to a mobile clinic (a little girl kitty, and a boy) and was hesitant at first because I usually take my cats to a vet clinic. However the conditions were sterile and the vet was great. They took really good care of my two which came home the same night as the surgery. It was a little bit nerve racking with them still recovering from anesthesia at home , but they were alert and eating/drinking by early morning. I think the advice you have on here is good. I would definitely check the place out and try to research it and the reviews on it.
  • I took 2 of my kittens at once to the "Neuter Scooter) and was very afraid. It was totally fine though. Very clean and the staff was knowledgeable about all my questions. I would do it again.
  • Sure ... they are just doing thier part to help us save on hugh vet bills ...
  • Mine are already spayed and neutered, but I would take a couple of stray cats that I feed in a heartbeat! I've never heard of a mobile clinic for animals...interesting concept!
  • Absolutely as long as the people doing it are qualified and licensed to do the procedure. It doesn't matter where it is done, only that it gets done.
  • I did bring my male and my female to get done thru TEAM ...I must say they have a very good record in CT, and did great with both my babies. I would not have done either, if they did not come with such high recommendations. And both of them were fine. No problems. +4 good question!
  • Of course. They are far superior to the medical care people often get in third world countries.
  • For a male yes. For a female maybe not. Id check better business bureau and ask my vet and ask the local shelter.
  • Unfortunately, the only one I trust doesn't come anywhere near me. I take my TnR ferals to their main office, which is an hour and a half away. They made me take a class in managing feral colonies, care for ferals (safely trapping, etc), and the $25 cost includes a rabies shot and overnight stay. So, 6 hours in the car total. Its a bitch living in the stix.
  • i dont have a cat but i might if i did

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