• Perhaps because it is the end of business hours, any calls you make that you really need to do have to be in the day time in the week rather than in the evening or at the weekend, so people HAVE to ring and therefore get charged peak time calls. That is just my theory though
  • This is done for people using their phones for business during business hours, it also keeps private phone callers to a limited time due to the business users. Regular line phones are really based on the same system. Long distance is charged at a different rate during "peak hours" and less for evening and night calling.
  • It depends on the user, they base their stats on business usage which is generaly between 9-5 Mon-Fri, they are the real minute hogs.
  • This is accomplished for individuals utilizing their telephones for business amid business hours, it likewise keeps private telephone guests to a constrained time because of the business clients. Normal line telephones are truly in light of a similar framework. Long separation is charged at an alternate rate amid "pinnacle hours" and less to even and night calling...
  • Most People are talking on the phone during the Business hours. You talk more with your friends and relatives after the work and on the Weekend but the most conversations on the phone are for Business. People don

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