• from what i have read there is only a 50% chance of passing it on
  • Perhaps you should look into adoption. There are many children out there that need a good family, and I know if I had a genetic condition (and I wanted kids) I would probably choose that route.
  • well have you told your kids this? if you havent you should, so they can get treatment, or see what can prevent before it can get worse! hope that helps
  • Discuss this with your doctor and find out what your alternatives are. Adopt children.
  • I thought the same thing and was having a conversation with someone who's nephew also has it. Somehow the topic of kids came up and she said 'Who better to be there for them [your kids] than someone who knows first-hand what they're going through.' Elementary school was tough at times because that's when most people will poke fun and call you names. And for me that's when my symptoms were the worst. Before the diagnosis there was a lot of frustration and upset because my parents and friends had no idea what was going on, nor did I. It wasn't until about grade 6 that I was given the diagnosis. That was about 13 years ago and I still don't talk about it very much although I know that it does me no good to just ignore it and pretend it isn't there. But I'm sure that if I'd known earlier, I probably wouldn't be as ashamed of it now. . But I know that if my kids have it, I will be able to better help them as I will know what they are going through, and hopefully be able to help ease the upset and frustration. As you know, Tourette's Syndrome is far from being the end of the world. And even through adoption there is still a chance the child may have it. So why not bring a child of your own into this world if you want to? There is a greater chance they may have it, but at least they have a great resource available to them whenever they encounter any problems. And knowing what's going on from a young age will most likely help them cope with it better later on in their life.

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