• You need inspiration. I suggest doing stuff that gives you new ideas, whatever they may be for you. Such as reading, drawing, creating poetry, etc etc
  • Steroids
  • l. Practice thinking up different ways to do things. 2. Relax, don't "try" too hard. Creative ideas flow. 3. Take good care of yourself. Good nutrition, a regular exercise plan and taking time to relax are all important to the creative process. 4. Read a book on a topic that you know nothing about. Take a new route to work, even if it takes a little longer. Get out of your rut. 5. Spend some time with different types of people, you will start to see things from different points of view, which is one aspect of creativity. 6. Take a creativity course in college, or buy a book on how to improve creativity. 7. Take time for yourself each day. Over scheduling is an enemy of creativity. 8. Try
  • Strength comes from exercise.
  • Meditation
  • Try being on a submarine, submerged under the polar ice cap when the reactor scrams. The ice where you’re at is too thick to surface through and the nearest known location where the ice is thin enough is more than four hours away as best speed on the Emergency Propulsion Motor. Since the ship cannot surface, the diesel cannot be operated to generate power. At this point in time, the only power available for propulsion comes from the ship’s battery. The battery will not last even half this time, even if the ship is rigged for reduced electrical where all unnecessary electrical equipment is secured. Troubleshooting finds the problem in forty five minutes, parts are on hand to affect repairs, but the repairs are going to take three hours to perform and retest using your best personnel. You don’t have even an hour before there will not be enough power left to commence a reactor startup. Under ice, you have no radio to call for help. Under ice, nobody knows exactly where you are except by general communications data from the last time the ship was able to surface or extend a radio mast from periscope depth. Under ice, even if other people know where are they can’t get to you in time to help. Under ice, even if you have air available it gets cold with no power. Deathly cold. Put yourself in this situation and you’d be surprised at just how creative you can be.

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