• Man........Did you have to do that, Galeanda?
  • Yes. All my pets have rescued me. Even the ones I did not get from the shelter.
  • That was Great;) I never have adopted a pet ;) But I have taken Pets there to be rescued;)
  • She did. I haven't the faintest idea where she came from, or what type of dog she is, but she's my sidekick and a great little buddy. Consider adoption -- somebody needs you. :)
  • Yes, pets have been rescuing me for years. Right now I have two saviors!
  • I got my kitty from the shelter a month after my beloved cat died, i need kitty love;0)
  • Absolutely. And I rescued them. I thrive in two-sided, meaningful relationships, apparently :)
  • I am so tempted but I cannot. I intend to travel about a lot and it would be so unfair on my new owner leaving them in kennels so often
  • I hope you are happy. I am sitting here crying a baby (literally). I remember the day I adopted Scrappy from his shelter. Every day for almost 4 years he has rescued me over and over again. He's my best friend. I rescued him but he's done a LOT more rescuing me. Now I want to go out and adopting another one. Thanks. :)
  • Both these guys rescued us. My daughter fell in love with them at first sight and I have enjoyed them more than she has :-)
  • thats was intresting.. i dont hv per but now i want one
  • When our last two cats died we went to a cats protection home near where we live.My wife and daughter found a lovely black female cat who had had kittens,so we decided to give her a home.My daughter wandered off to look at the other cats.She came back and said that she had found a lovely black kitten too, and after a look we decided to take both cats.When we told the manager she was amazed because out of 60 cats there the kitten was one of the mother cats litter.So somehow I think they both adopted us.They are now three and two year old and get on very well together.

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