• no she's probably just lucky to be with a stud like you
  • Might be a vampire if she only sleeps during the day
  • No, not a Zombie, but, she may be Rumpelstiltskin in disguise.
  • is she sad all the time or gets highs and low maybe look into depression
  • Depression?
  • Has she shown any interest in your brains when she is awake (and by interest I mean as a food item, not an intellectual conversation)? If not, she sounds more like a stoner than a zombie.
  • Could be psychological or she could be sleeping just to avoid you. I guarantee there is a reason for the sleep. Watch her closely. watch her actions. Watch to see if she is taking any medications or illegal drugs. There is an just need to investigate.
  • Sounds like she's avoiding sex with you. You might want to refine your technique.
  • she sounds lazy to me. or maybe when your sleepin shes out doin her thing
  • She enjoys life. NO MATTER HOW... Maybe she dream about you!
  • Sounds like she is just lazy to me, buy her a tredmill or trampoline or something to get the blood flowing...
  • Sleeping a lot is one sign of clinical depression.
  • It sounds like she loves to sleep I dont think its cause she is lazy or tired or sick. Some people love sleeping and napping when they can
  • hahah maybe my gf is too...she says her hobby is sleeping. IF I leave her alone for more than 5 minutes, she goes to sleep. She has, on her days off from work, slept 23 hours straight...she REALLY likes to sleep. It's not depression or narcolepsy, she just really enjoys getting in the bed with lots of blankets and snoozing. She takes at least 1 nap a day..I've never seen anyone who likes to sleep so much. she can sleep anywhere, anytime.
  • yes she is a zombie- does she ask to lick ur brain?
  • Has she been tested for narcolepsy?
  • sleeping is a sign of depression.when she is awake does she normally look tired or miserable? either way im sure she is not a zombie.if so i highly advise you to get out of there.jkjk. but how is she acting around you?she could be sleeping to avoid you or just flat out tired.
  • It might be the cause, as well as multiple other reasons. It might be another illness or temporary condition. She might be even simply lacking vitamins. She should check up with her doctor if it will continue but try to live healthy. Often the opposite of too much sleeping is regarded as a sign of depression - insomnia. Depression has many symptoms e.g.: fatigue, lowered interest in things around, negative thinking, very low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, restlessness, loss of appetite or eating too much, feeling of helplessness etc. Normal sleeping pattern requires 8 hours of sleep.
  • She might be suffering from depression, she should go and see a doctor right away...

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