• I am a patient soul...
  • I hate it - waiting is a loosing time. But quite often I m late - and that s thing what I hate too.
  • i hate waiting!!! if im waiting for someone they have 10 mins and 1 phone call!!! then im gone!! im not patient at all!
  • I am quite patient
  • I'm quite fine when I am aware of the expected time frame of the something or someone especially if I am ahead of schedule. Make me wait an I become a possessed lunatic often with inanimate objects suddenly becoming air-born all around me!
  • I'm patient to a point. I don't like being late, and if I'm waiting for someone who said they wanted to go with me, they've got one hour. After that I'm gone.
  • I am very patient.
  • I would rather be a half hour early than 1 minute late. Being on time for me is a function of being respectful. This is a roundabout way of saying I'm not very good at waiting for someone. Now, if something comes up, a phone call is all it takes to say someone is delayed. But no phone call and late? It's not my favorite scenario. Also, no phone and late? I start to worry. :(
  • Patience is not one of my virtues! I have no tolerance for people that can't be on time.
  • I try to always carry a paperback book in my coat pocket. Without something to do, I find waiting unbearable.
  • That's funny. I am always early, but the others can be late and it doesn't bother me.
  • I hate being late. When others are late and I'm waiting for them, I usually get a little worried. I guess I'm just a big worrier!
  • I'm bad at it. I hate waiting for anything.
  • I expect punctuality and when I don't get it I get irritable.
  • I'm impatient, unless they've called to say they'll be late.
  • It depends whether or not there is respect and courtesy present: if someone is late, they call me asap to let me know they're going to be late, and why, and a genuiene apology follows, all is forgiven. If someone shows up late with no sense of urgency, no apology, no reason as to why they were late (when I was ready early in respect not to be late for them!) I am NOT happy. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, people not being punctual. I was raised to not only be on time, but it being a good idea to be early (ie: you have to be somewhere at 2? You show up 1:45). I also hate it when someone says 'I'll be there at 2', then forget the time they said 5 minutes after. If you say you're gonna be somewhere at a certain time, and other people make arrangements for that, you better freakin' be there; and if (by some reason you can't because of something out of your control) then you better let them know asap why you weren't there, how much longer that person will have to wait, and offer an apology. I know my wording may sound harsh, bitchy, or high-maintenance, but I just cannot stand that kind of disrespect and lack of courtesy. Simply put yourself in the others shoes.
  • I wish I knew.... I have never waited on someone. I am the one who is causing all the noise about the waiting. lol ;)
  • I can be very impatient, but I think I can hold my own against father time !
  • Pretty good I think. I don't mind waiting when it's worth waiting for. Have a great day!
  • My name before 'lion heart' was 'waiting for someone' lol!

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