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  • I smoked weed since I was about 13, and I recently quit about a month or two ago. The best high I've ever had was smoking out of a water bong. I know alot of people that roll fat ass blunts, and use about a dime or a twenty sack just to roll them. Smoking out of a water bong saves you alot of weed and you get just as high, if not higher. That's my opinion anway; you can experiment with different devices like I did to find out which suits you best.
  • I am a current smoker and I have this glass pipe.It looks like a tube with a spout at the top for the weed.Now it looks like a crack pipe at least that what my friends say but I don't do drugs just weed.I put the weed in the hole at the top puut my finger in one end of the tube and my mouth on the other end.I be high as shit.Since it is small the smoke doesn't have areas to escape.I get my best highs of that thing with just a little bit of weed.I have tried bongs and they are great but a small pipe gives you a stronger smoke.Try it but dont get one that looks like a tabacco pipe get a glass one and make sure it has the tube with an opening at each end and a place for the weed at the top.You do that and trust me you will get high as a muthafucker.Email me at to see how you liked it. to see a pictire of one.scroll down on the home page there is a picture listed under hand held glass pipes.don't knock it until u try it.
  • Gravity bongs are well known for getting anyone very high.
  • This is an argument among stoners that will never end. I think it depends on you, and you alone. Water bongs allow you to take bigger hits. Pipes, especially short pipes (spoons) allow the smoke to rush in fast at a good temperature. Joints have two benefits. Vaporization of THC crystals as the heat travels through the joint, and resin which makes the last part very potent. And vaporization devices allow you to turn the THC into vapour which is not harmful to your lungs. It is also more effective, but gives you a different high. It's really up to you. I don't like vapo, a lot of people do. I prefer the other methods a lot, but my favorite is the pipe. It gets me the most high, and a lot of people agree with me.
  • "What's the best way to get chemicals into your system?" "Injection." "Next best." "Ingestion." -Cathrine Willows and Gil Grissom, CSI (Paraphrased, because I don't remember the exact quote) The best way to use pot to get the highest is not to smoke it at all, inhalation is the third-best way to absorb THC. A better way is to bake it into something. A friend of mine once told me THC had to be heat-activated, so unless you're willing to waste some weed to disprove that I wouldn't try eating it. Instead, make something that uses a lot of butter or something else fatty (because THC is fat-soluable and not water-soluable). Popular choices are peanut-butter cookies ("Pot Cookies") and brownies ("Hash Brownies", though they're not usually made with hash). If you're hell-bent on smoking, though, anything that keeps the smoke in an enclosed area would be best, as no smoke will escape into the air. My personal favorite is a gravity bong.
  • l have also smoked for many years, l never thought id say this, but im am thankfully giving it up! back to the question mind, pipes are always the way! although not as enjoyable as having the traditional spliff, pipes always hit the spot! better still, bullet bombs - obviously by the name you can guess they look like a bullet, but a have tiny filter inside which purifies the good stuff!! it you want a proper mash up -strongly advisable!
  • I think the best way is not to put a flame to it, heat a glass bowl from the bottom THC is heat activated and should not get ant hotter than 350 degrees f it will smoke before it develops a cherry
  • BONG!!! BONG!!! :oD
  • i always thought bongs did, or definetly a fat ass blunt
  • Gravity bongs or your standard water bong with ice work well. I make my own outta plastic vases i get from wal mart...and they work amazingly well. A 2 liter works well too. My personal favorite is my Culligan Bottle water bong. Whatever you use, just hold the smoke in a bit longer.
  • Gravity bong, or regular bong. What is a bong?
  • Random advice - if you're looking for share housing in Australia, particularly Brisbane, And the ad says "Green, leafy Suburb" You can pretty much be assured there's a bucket bong fired up in the living room pretty much 24/7. And, its probably made out of an old bathtub and a washing bucket.
  • levles of intensity from 1 to 5 1. pales 2. Waterfalls 3. waterbong 4. joint 5. pipe but if u wanna get really high save all ur roaches and scrape all the res outta ur pipes and smoke them anyway
  • ogga boog lalala Water Bong Dudes! :D Woot! Best frickin way man.:P
  • Volcano vaporizor, you fill up a bag, up to twelve feet long, with 99% pure thc vapor and 1% cannibinol oil and carry it around and smoke it at your convienience. it's actually not "smoking" per say, because given the nature of a vaporizer in the first place, the marijuana doesn't burn. it just heats up to a specific temperature and the heat activates and releases the THC. Because the pot doesn't burn, there are virtually no carcinogens produced, making this the ideal method for medical users. the volcano is a different kind of vaporizer because there is no box or hose. the vapor goes into a heat-resistant plastic bag. you can buy simple tukey bags from the grocery store for replacements if you need to or cooking supply stores may stock what is called "oven hose". As long as the bag is heat resistant, not just any kind of plastic will do. after your done filling the bag from the base unit you can take as big hits as you want as often as you want. the bag doesn't get stale for about 25-30 minutes. if you want the biggest body high, you should go eat some pot brownies/BUDnana bread but if you want the best/cleanest head high available today, then toke from a volcano vaporizer.
  • water bong loaded with pop corn buds. or purple haired indica yee haa
  • a steam roller (CHINGA) BEST TO smoke fresh chronic bud out of"
  • bong is the only way to go it conserves there are 3 bong variations that i know of waterbong gravity bong and my favorite and if youve used one before you know what i mean a waterfall bong or a reversed GB not too many people do this but you can get a plastic bag like bread comes in and exhale your smoke into it when you exhale smoke theres thc in it then take the smoke from the bag and hit it
  • well im yoiur typical stoner i enjoyin smokin and do it everyday and i found the best way is to incoperate al your pieces in one smoke out .....for exampolpe hit a bong nd smoke a blunt u hsould be high than wait 15 min. and than pack another bowl in the bong and you should be feelin highhhhhhhhhh thank you for your time i know this advice is right pce nugga
  • alrite heres to ways to get higher than youve ever been.. 1. use a gravity bong but use a 3 liter bottle and put the 3 liter bottle into a bucket of water that will all the 3 liter to sing till about an inch from the top.. if you milk the whole bottle very slowly and the smoke turns yellow and brown.. well you can try to take the whole grave down but youll prolly throw up half way.. best idea is to slowly take it down till you cant handle any more then push alittle ferther and stop.. youll be fucked up for hrs off one grave.. 2.get a 5 gallon poland spring water containter like the ones you find in waiting rooms the huge ones.. take taht cut the bottom off and make a top for it.. put it in any swimming pool and put like an 1/8 of weed in it light it up slowly milk it and get like 5 kids to take turns trying to take down the monster.. good luck. no human has even been able to take a whole one down on his own in one time..

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