• This could be a form of destructive digging behavior. Most destructive behavior is born out of boredom. Abundant attention from you, plus ample mental and physical stimulation. This will keep her content, fulfilled, and less inclined to dig or chew. This is how to treat and prevent this problem,
  • maybe you should give them their own bowls
  • I've had a couple dogs that loved "digging" at their water dishes until the dishes are empty. It's frustrating and I'm not sure anybody really knows why some dogs love doing this. One thing that seems to work "a lot of the time" is to elevate the water bowl 10 to 12 inches by putting the water bowl on a plastic crate or box. If that doesn't work you might try putting the bowl inside of an open box so it's hard to do the digging thing. Puppies frequently outgrow the habbit.

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