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  • "Whore" is a subjective, abstract term with no legal or scientific definition. Thus there's no real answer to that question. Of course, some would define ' a woman who can have sex with other men without marriage' as a whore - just as some define a victim of rape as a "whore", a girl who has more than one boyfriend in her life a "whore", there are even people who call all women "whores" because they think it's okay to treat all women with disrespect. It's not a very kind term and when it comes down to it, it suggests a person is without worth for whatever reason. No human being is ever worthless. Now, my personal opinion answer: a whore is a person who compromises their own personal integrity and values, whether male or female, OR a person who compromises other people's rights for selfish reasons (eg not caring about the plight of African-Americans because it's easier to ignore it.) A woman who has sex before marriage, however, is something you could apply to most women, because most people (95%?) have sex before marriage and many many more have affairs with people who aren't their husband/wife after they are married.
  • The word "whore" is used in a number of different ways, and a minority of people would say there is no difference. However, in the most widely used definition, a whore has sex for money. A woman who has sex with many men for pleasure, or because she wants to please them, is not commonly regarded as a whore.
  • One is being misogynistically judged for behavior that is perfectly socially acceptable, and not judged as harshly - if at all, in a male. You sound like you have some serious hang-ups, man. Have you seen a therapist about this?
  • A whore, by definition has sex for money. A woman who has sex with everything in sight just because is called a slut. The second is also why I'm leaving America as soon as convieniently possible.
  • a whore will have sex with anyone whenever they want, a woman that has sex without a marriage dont have sex randomly they could be dating someone.
  • a whore is a person that is willing to have sex with anyone with out any feelings and no strings attached, they just have sex for pleasure...and a woman who has sex w/ men without marriage is some one that thinks a little bit more and doenst sleep around with any guy they see down the sidewalk..
  • To me: Whore = someone who sleeps with whomever they want, with no attachments, emotions, or commitments. And does so often. A woman who has sex before marriage is most certainly -not- a whore. Many couples I know plan to never get married - but yet have children, live together, a family, a life. They just aren't "technically" married. The women in that relationship sleeps with the guy, and is certainly not a whore. I've had sex before marriage. I've also only ever slept with one person, ever, and we're still together at 7 years. That does not = a whore. Comparing the two is actually shocking, to me. o.o
  • whore= is that woman who having sex but seprated by society womwn/w/marriage= is that woman who having sex but not seprated by society. in such case both have same desire sex but one have protection by society and other no.

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