• Yes, there is such a claim as "veterinary malpractice," and there are even attorneys that specialize in animal law. Like any claim for professional negligence, however, a claim against a veterinarian would have to be supported by expert testimony from another veterinarian to establish that the unfortunate death of the dog was caused by conduct below the standard of care, which is never an easy task. I could only recommend that your friend immediately obtain all treatment records from the veterinarian and then either consult with an attorney on the matter (who could then seek a professional opinion from a veterinarian) or ask another vet for an opinion directly.
  • You could sue, however, the amount she would get would be the worth of the dog - perhaps, what she paid for him. You don't get money for emotional attatchment, etc. as the dog is viewed as property, not as a family member.
  • How sad.....I hope your friend gets some answers!!! That is not right! I have a very sick dog right now and I can't even imagine!!!

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