• My tutor at college makes me feel like that very often. Instead of helping us girls, she constantly puts us down and makes us feel like there isn't any point in us being there because we're all going to fail. We're in the process of having her formally disciplined but we don't think we'll get very far tbh!
  • yes all the time. Some people here on AB have actually said to some friends on mine on here that they need to die and they aren't worth anything. I have been told personally that because I am poor I don't matter and that nobody would miss me when i am gone.. (HONESTLY). I can usually feel that way without people telling me that but then to have someone reinforce that I am not important just makes my day (sarcasm)
  • Some people do and I've just let one of them go.
  • My mom, growing up.
  • I'm usually pretty good at doing that to myself but if anyone tries to join me, they're shown the door;)
  • I do not let anyone decide for me how I feel. People are dangerous to ones psyche. Must keep guard. Do not let others control how you think or feel.
  • Yes sadly enough I have had some people in my life make me feel that way and even a few tell me that to my face.
  • Yeah, the wife, though I sure am important once the next check comes...
  • When I was a student I was made to feel like this by the qualified nurses on a daily basis, I also remember that I was told I was useless and a waste of space and would never qualify, it was a complete nightmare I lost all confidence in myself and lost all my self esteem, I also became very depressed. I tolerated it because I wanted to get my qualification and I was not going to let these people stop me from achieving my goal. However, when I qualified I made an oath between myself and God that I would never allow another human being to put me through so much pain and suffering and I also promised to never to treat another student or anyone else the way I was treated neither would I allow anyone else to treat a student the way I was treated, and I never have.
  • not anymore, not since i became a big-girl i don't let anyone else define my self-worth
  • Certainly not to my face. I'm a fairly confident guy. If anyone ever said that to me, I'd tell them which part of my body they could suck on and for how long.
  • Yep. Worst thing is when they can't be true about it. They make sure you know it, but don't actually say it to you.
  • Never happened in front of my face. But then, you never know what could happen in my back.
  • I work at a music shop. I'm a smallish woman and I work with thirteen guys, all at least 30% bigger than I am. I do alright on the intellectual front, but when it comes to things like moving pianos, I am definitely the worst of all. To make matters worse, I am the main piano expert there and often have to call the guys away from their departments to help me lug those beasts around. :|
  • Just Mom. No one's been able to cause me to feel that way about myself since.
  • There are some that have tried. I generally ignore them. If they persist instead of going away, I turn the table on them with a battle of wits and embarrass them in public.
  • NEVER! I would put up with that crap! One of my mottos is: If you don't like me then don't hang around me! because that is what I do...if I don't like someone then I WILL NOT hang around that person!!
  • God no, not that I'm aware of. Guess always overlooking the obvious comes in handy sometimes.
  • I used to let ppl have that much power over, I realized - it's me who makes that decision. So to answer your question. No, not anymore. :)
  • no, but im sure I never give them a chance >........LOL :)
  • No I don't let others make me feel that way.
  • yeah, it hurts...especially when it's people you thought were supposed to care about you.
  • My Mom did that sometimes when I was a child. It was hurtful, but only made me determined that I would NEVER make any child of mine feel that way. I think (with my husband's help), we have succeeded. Our son is a very loving, respectful and confident young man who always knows we're there for him no matter what.
  • If they did, I wouldn't notice, so I guess my answer is no. But not because they havent', or might have wanted to. But maybe not at all.

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