• It's one of my favorite juice drink! Specially in Summer I get to taste it in bounty!
  • Yes. Tastes and smells like mango.
  • Its a juice made from Mango. Suprisingly, It tastes like mango.
  • yep love taste like!
  • where i'm from mango juice is a daily occurence in any store. it's just as common a bread or milk and it tastes exactly like the fruit.....sweet and super yummy.
  • It's a very sweet juice since it's made from Mango! It tastes like a tropical beach blended with sugar! :)
  • There's an entire world of food and drink out there that you obviously have yet to experience. Instead of asking what it is and what it tastes like, risk it! I live near the Chinatown of my city, and I regularly wander in there and buy random, interesting things. Sometimes it's a disaster, but often it's amazing. And it's definitely worth the risk. Forget mango. That's for beginners. Have you ever tried dragon fruit? Ever had durian? These are two fruits you won't find in most grocery stores, and both are a fascinating experience. Dragon Fruit: Durian:
  • Nope, but I'd suggest a drop would be ok in a a good espresso
  • Mangos are very tasty if picked ripe from a tree. Most of what is available in grocery stores are picked green and usually hard as rocks and no taste. When I worked in Amatitan, Mexico the mangos were very sweet and good. they were picked ripe from the tree each morning. I can't explain the taste other than sweet with their own taste.
  • ive never tried it

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