• I am a Christian, and I am for it.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Typical. Christians are almost always less moral than those smart and thinking enough to have a conscience (such as atheists).
  • Atheist and I think it's the only option in some cases, even if it's not a deterrent but a way to make sure that individual doesn't ever commit a crime again because he simply can't be rehabilitated. So, I guess that makes it yes, I'm for it?
  • I am Agnostic/Buddhist/Scientologist, and I am against it.
  • Atheist, and I am for it.
  • i am a Christian and i am for it.
  • I'm against capital punishment... ... and I'm Jewish. :-)
  • I am an atheist and I am against it.
  • I'm an Atheist and against it...
  • Christian -- for it.
  • Atheist, opposed
  • I am Agnostic and generally against it, but in some cases, and I mean only SOME I think it ought to be used (such as desertion in time of war).
  • I'm agnostic and I'm for using it only in the most egregious cases, such as that of serial murderer Richard Ramirez. IIRC, he claimed that torturing and killing 13(?) people entitled him to sit at Satan's table.
  • Atheist - big yes.
  • Spiritual and For it, but only in specific cases under the specific criteria of law. *In response to the Richard Ramirez answer that Aurora gave because it wouldn't post. . Richard Ramirez was mentally ill first and foremost and became a criminal/murderer as a direct result. When a society begins to eliminate its worst and its ill, they begin to become judge jury and executioner and that... Can only lead to trouble. You can't eliminite the worst of us, because then the divides begin to blur eventually and the worst of punishments eventually becomes more and more lienient, for less and less crimes. Society has always had a blood lust. Since the beginning of time. Christ taught... "He who is without sin." If you ever read his history and his background, you would understand how he was abused and raped as a child and should have had mental health treatment. I in no way condone or accept his behavior nor do I believe that he could have been rehabilitated into normal society, but to kill him. Was wrong by our own laws. Now Jeffrey Dahmer on the other hand. Was an intellectual, an atheist and was quoted as saying. "If I kill, having no God and no religion to answer to, I kill of my own free will because it was a conscience choice I made to do so. If I have no God, I am only accountable to myself for my self and my own actions." These are not the words of a dellusional, insane, effected man. These are the words of a man that was morbidly interested in cannibalisim, connected to sexuality and of superior intellectual capicity with an understanding of human morality, spirituality and was almost born... with a morbid fascination for death, decomposition and antisocial behavior. He was never abused and came from a home full of acceptance, encouragement and only slight normal nuclear family type problems in that his parents were divorced. I think in his case. Although he was to have the death penalty... The fact that the inmates killed him first. Was justice served by proxy.
  • I don't subscribe to any religious dogma or organization. And definitely *against* state-sanctioned murder. - "The degree of civilization of a society can best be judged by entering it's jails and mental institutions." Dostoevski
  • Atheist-against, though I reject your supposition that there are only Christians and Atheists in this world.
  • I am an agnostic, and totally oppose death penalty, but do not favour any kind of abortion either.
  • I am neither and am completely,utterly,substantially,and categorically against it.Capitol punishment shows how mankind is these days,and it should have been abolished centuries ago.
  • Agnostic atheist of sorts.... Absolutely but under the most serious circumstances. Not so much as a deterrent but as an act of closure.

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