• Waking to the smell of blueberry muffins in the oven.
  • Orange groves, the Indian River and the Banana River...they had a distinct smell.
  • My mom and I used to take walks every now and then to get away from the men... along the way, there were Lilac trees. Lilacs always remind me of her. I have not smelled a lilac tree in many many years. I miss them.
  • Clothes washing in an old ringer-type washing machine. The smell of the soap and strong bleach was enough to imbede a memory forever. And, its still there.
  • My Grandfather used to cook red sauce all day and I can still remember the smell that would fill the entire house. It was absolutely amazing.
  • The food my grandmother used to cook us. It's peculiar, but all of her meals smelled the exact same way.
  • i rermember a smell of a tofee which my father used to bring for me
  • Jada Aftershave......still hate the smell!!!!
  • cigarette smoke and brewed coffee fried chicken fresh-cut christmas tree summer rain ocean breeze
  • the smeel of fresh cut grass and sweat after my father got through cutting our yard. Also, the smell of boiled cabbage - still turns my stomach!
  • my dads cologne, my moms perfume, my uncles cigars, the honey suckle bush behind our house... mmmm good smells
  • The smell of those rubbery sticky spider/octopus toys you'd throw at the wall and it would slowly 'crawl' (roll) down.
  • The smell of my Mother after she had bathed and splashed Jean Nate on herself and hugged me and kissed me... The smell of fresh and clean sheets that had been dried out on the clothesline in the fresh air...especially when I was sick and had to get back into freshly made bed after a good, hot bath... The Monday smell of Givelle Water (bleach) throughout the wonderful Italian neighborhood in which I grew up...and the smell of homemade pasta sauces that were brewing all Sunday long... The morning smell of bacon cooking in Mom's iron skillet... Dad's Old Spice... Have I given enough, yet? Needless to say, I'm pretty up there in years...with some of the finest memories of my childhood. Thanks for asking...and bringing back those memories.
  • The smells of my sister learning how to bake cookies! Unlike today we had a coal range. Sometimes she would get the fire too hot and burn them. Young people today may not understand this but it was a real problem back years ago. It worked out well for me as she gave me the well scortched ones to eat...even today I like the taste of burned cookies! Back then I thought it was normal!
  • Fresh cut grass, farm smells,my grandmothers cooking,boy was that special or what!
  • My grandparents took me to a park where many people were BBQing. Each BBQ smelled so different yet so wonderful.
  • Farts my family ate unheathly and as a result farted a lot.

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