• Not really!
  • No, but that might be cool to do when I am bored. Honestly I do not have a problem with most questions regardless of the spelling, grammar or punctuation. I can usually figure them out. :)
  • Not a temper tantrum, but it bothers me a bit. The grammar that a good number use causes me more irritation. Why, does it really bother you, Shannnon? I just noticed that you use three n's.
  • No. People make mistakes.
  • Not usually, no. (lol) Sometimes I get out my Sharpie and add the missing question mark for them !! :-))
  • No, I just pop another Valium, sew up my wrists and scroll to the next question...happy as can be! :-) For anybody who needs 'em, here: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...that oughtta hold ya for awhile. :-)
  • No, but I do throw a small, internal tantrum when I see question marks added onto fragments and people go about answering them as if they are not bright enough to know the difference between a question and poor grammar. Example: How to change oil?

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