• Personally I view that type of spending as irresponsible.
  • At a time when the countries economics are even worse than what we thought -- 1.2 trillion dollars in debt and people out of work, I say the White House needs to set an example and stop spending money on gold-trimmed china. I protest!!
  • If its their personal money, then that 485k is doing more to create/keep jobs being spent than having it sit in a savings account somewhere. If its tax dollars, then its a horrible PR move but its still revanue for some company out there which employees people (I hope it was an american company)
  • This china was purchased with private money, not tax dollars. It has been in the works for several years, it just happened to arrive at the end of the administration. It is traditional for presidents to have their own china pattern. Many administrations have done it, including Clinton & Reagan. Hillary Clinton unveiled her pattern at the end of the Clinton administration & Nancy Reagan was criticized in the press for her expensive pattern. If you are interested, you can view an excellent exhibit of presidential china at Mount Vernon until January 21, 2009. After that, I believe the exhibit returns to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • But what if it is really PRETTY china?
  • Well, if it's her money, it's her business, but it seems to me that a lot of people with money are willing to spend a whole lot more on things which could be bought cheaper and serve them just as well. Ie: $2500.00 for a handbag vs $25.00 for one that will do the job just as well and probably looks a lot better. But I do believe that people will have to answer for things like that when it's all over. I don't think it's morally right to spend small fortunes on frivilous things when there are people all over the world literally starving to death. How many would that almost half a million dollars feed? And she spends it on plates? I really don't see how anyone who does such things can justify it.
  • Doh! Nancy Reagan was blasted for this, too. I hated Raagan and I hate W more, but there are plenty of things to nail them on. It's so petty to pick on the White House china. We're the US. You want chinette? When WE put on the dog, I've no problem with our president presenting guests with the very best. We are hosts and we are the best country ever. Leave Laura alone on this. Bash W.
  • I think an individual has a right to spend their money any way they wish.
  • Firstly, that is way too much money to spend on china, especially since she will be out of the White House in less than a month!
  • I am seriously conflicted about this whole issue. I heard it was private money and the plates were ordered years ago. The depression we are sinking into hadn't begun yet. But after reading some of the other posts here I don't necessarily disagree with your points either Rosie. Reagan bought china that is just as elaborate. The Bushs don't even get to keep the china so why the hell don't they use the ones purchased by the Reagans?? Are these things just for show or something??? The only way a person can be that rich and justify such a purchase is if they first spend double the item's cost on less fortunate people or on something equally important that doesn't have to do with themselves. And even if it WAS ordered years ago and on private money there are a lot of people that may not hear that part. This is an inopportune time to be flashing shit like that around when people in California have parks set up that are similar to trailer parks only for people to live in tents instead of trailers. If you ask me her people skills are just as bad as his.
  • What's $485,000 when her husband spent $136 B in Iraq, gave another $700 B to the bankers and is leaving us with a $1.2 Trillion budget gap? That's just chump change!
  • I think it is bullsh*t, it is extreme wasteful spending, when the country is in a recession. Even if we werent, it is ridiculous.
  • I think, thank God we don't have to worry about them stealing the White House china and furniture like the Clinton's did. The money came from a privately funded trust earmarked and donated for this particular expense, and NOT the US taxpayers. The Bushes have been entirely classy about their impending departure and in turning over things to the new administration. I doubt Obama will see the type of vandalism that the Clinton staff left behind either.
  • And the Republicans blame the shape the economy is in on the Democrats.
  • Is she taking it with her when she leaves?
  • When you have both money and time in ample amount you loose all your senses and do stuffs like that.
  • That seems a bit much. I would have to ask what is the historical significance of this set of dishes. The white house is full of historic artifacts, and heirlooms, some real interesting stuff, BUT, thuis may not be the right time to be adding to the finest American History Museum in the world... Happy ( whatever day it is ) Rosie!!! ((HUGS))

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