• I prefer something more imaginative. However, dinner and a movie gives the opportunity to talk over dinner, but not have to do it too much during the movie.
  • Dinner and a movie is great for a first date...maybe a drink afterwards.
  • I would say a drink and then dinner and then elsewhere for another drink.
  • That would depend upon how you want to enter the relationship.(I'm assuming you're a man here, but the answer still holds true if you're not.) Going out to dinner and a movie sets up immediate romantic expectations, and the pressure that goes with them. However, doing something a little more carefree and casual could be useful to help you get to know eachother without laying on any excess pressure. It would also depend heavily on the type of girl you're attempting to woo here, considering it's a first date, you probably don't know much about her, so going the 'Fun' route could be taking a major risk. Alot of women might be mildly disapointed and possibly see you as cheap if you don't spring for the dinner and a movie. So if you're willing to take the serious chance on it, and think she's the kind of down to earth person who would appreciate the effort no matter where you take her, then the 'Fun' route is a great idea to get to know her better and build a stronger foundation for later dates and a possible relationship. *If* she's the right kind of girl.
  • First date depends on whether its a blind date or someone you know. So in order to play it safe, a movie is great. Gives you time to see what he is like, and how he treats you.Then I would say going to a nice coffee shop for a coffee and talking would be ideal. I am not one for alcohol on first date, it can create bigger problems. While talking you get to know more about him and we all know at that point, if that is someone we want to see again, and no misconceptions due to alcohol. Just my opinion
  • i dont like going to fancy resteraunts etc so i would say cinema or out for a drink, i hate going to posh places for dinner i prefer the pub where i can be myself lol
  • I say do something you loveto do. It will let the person know more about you and if they bitch the whole time you would know not to have a second. my perfect first date would be a go-cart track a fun place to be yourself. I think that the fancy dinner and a movie is really hard on your first date. trying to open up in a fancy resteraunt is hard and trying to talk or feel comfy with someone you don't really know in a movie complex is hard. try what ever it is you are interested in. picnic in the park(if you have a dog you can bring the dog play frizbee) a day of golfing. birdwatching fishing make it a date to remember cause what if this person ends up being the one. you want to be able to say this was our first date it was so fun not we went to dinner and a movie.
  • I test them on the first date.I take them to the pier to go fishing.If they can handle it and not whine a cry the whole time, there will be a 2nd date if they would like to go on one.To a nice place this time.
  • I would say dinner yes but if there is something else like minature golf of something that you can do and still talk to each other. The frist date is to get to know each other so I would keep it along those lines.
  • If your going on a date you alraedy have a little background (although not much I admit) I have never been one for a film, it just doesnt work for me, too structured. A drink is the best as you can cut things short, but if you alraedy have an incling about the person I prefer somthing different - the Zoo seems to work as daft as it sounds as it opens people up. Then you go for the drink...
  • Assuming I knew the person's likes and dislikes I'd rather do something where it was a mutual interest. It makes for more natural conversation and I think the best thing about being with someone is the fun you have with them. Plenty of time for deep conversations later.
  • i'd go with something more fun...dinner and something more fun....if you think about it, first dates are all about getting to know someone, and when you're sitting watching a movie, there's no communication going on, so you aren't getting to know anything about that person...
  • Go to a skating rink, sounds dorky but you get to just be goofy and it's even better when they have the whole couples skate thing going on. ;)
  • I've always hated the idea of going into a dark room where I can't see my date, and I'm not allowed to talk to my date. going into a dark room with my date, sounds like it should be way more fun. :)
  • Totally something more fun! Go for a walk or something, see the sights. I hate going on dinner dates in the beginning of the relationship, because it is hard to talk when your mouth is full, making it awkward. It is easier to walk around or do something more fun.
  • i think a picnic in the park would be better. or soemthign else that shows your creativity and ability to be romantic rather than a cliche night at the movies and dinner. not very creative and says that you dont put a lot of thought into things
  • I would nix the movie for sure. I don't see how you can get to know someone when you can't talk for 2 hours. I love a nice cafe or lounge...a casual dinner if you choose. I love good food so for me, yes, dinner/drinks...and maybe a coffee after.. :-)
  • Dinner and a movie?? hell no! What if you dont like this person!, and how can you get to know them in a movie?,, do lunch!, split the bill, and get to know eachouther
  • Dinner is OK, but not a movie. I like to talk to a woman on a first date.
  • I find they go together..........
  • Dinner and a movie is fun and now very expensive as well it seems.
  • Something more fun. Dinner and movie pretty boring.
  • Something fun. My last first dates were golfing and going to a flower show.
  • Dinner and a movie. Girls choice.=)
  • Pizza and talking to see if there is a connection.

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